Friday, October 29, 2010

INK Contest! Send in your Pics!

Okay- you all have one more week to enter! Seriously get all the people you can to enter- this is going to be fun! We've got some kick-ass entries already and we will be putting them to a vote starting next Friday!

Alright bad girls- let me see your best ink if you got it!

We wanna know who has the best Bad Girl Tattoo!
Here are the rules:
1. You must be a follower of Bad Girl Bloggers!
2. Submit one, two, as many as you want photos of your tattoo(s) to Subject line "Best Tattoo"
3. Tell all your bloggy friends to come join in on the contest.

Here's how it will work:
The initial submission of photos will end on Friday November 5th (that gives you skanks two weeks)
Then I will post the photos -without names of their owners
(depending on how many participate there may need to be multiple rounds).
Everyone following BGB will get one vote per day on their fav ink!
After all the rounds are complete and the votes are tallied- BGB will crown the winner of the Best Bad Girl Tattoo Contest.

Alright Alright- I know all you bitches wanna hear what you are gonna win:
There will be a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winner... And each winner will receive an item from the Kat Von D Make-up Collection at Sephora.

And she has some good shit- I may even let the winners choose what they want cause I'm fuckin' awesome like that.

So all in all this is a simple way to win yourself a new bad ass item from the tattoo queen herself.
Get on this bad girls! I know you got ink! show me. You have 2 weeks!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wicked Wednesday: Busted!

One Crazy Brunette Chick

What happened? Did your honey throw you up against the wall for a quickie and your mother-in-law walked in? Maybe a cop tapped on the window while you were giving a parking lot BJ? Then again, maybe you called in sick then saw your boss at the mall.

The first time I got busted I was about 12. I was climbing back in my window after sneaking out to see the neighbor boy. Then when I was in college I thought my roommate was gone for the day and she came in to find me straddling my boyfriend. Lucky me we were basically clothed. Thus far I've never been walked in on during the act or caught in a major lie. *Knocking on wood*

So fess up, we wanna know! Tell us about the time that you almost got away with it. Take the button, tell us how you got busted, and link your happy ass up!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten Sexy Halloween Picks

Slashers are great and have their place, but I personally prefer thrillers with a sexy edge for my Halloween Marathons. So here is a list of my Top Ten Sexy Halloween Picks!

10. I've Been Waiting For You. I loved this movie! It was accused of trying to be like the other teen horror flicks of the 90's but I thought it was different and interesting. The movie is about a new girl in town, Sarah. Kids in town target her as being the descendant of a witch that was killed by the townspeople hundreds of years ago. There's a killer out there targeting descendants of those who killed the witch. It's definitely a 'who's next' kind of film, with a 'who's the killer' twist. I LOVED it, but it can be #10 since most people don't know it.

9. The Covenant. Another descendants of witchcraft flick, but this one is different because it's a bunch of hot guys with the powers this time. Once again it's a story of how power corrupts and someone coming back to stake a claim. There is one 'battle' scene towards the end that is particularly HOT.

8. The Perfect Murder. Doesn't Michael Douglas play the perfect evil man? He's still hot, and he plays the older distinguished husband of the cheating Gwenyth Paltrow in this thriller. He makes a mistake though, underestimating his wife and leaving a witness to his plan. This is a sexy suspense flick that will have you squirming in your seat.

7. The Perfect Stranger. Halle Berry plays a reporter who is trying to get to the bottom of her best friend's murder. She aims to get the proof she needs that Harrison Ford's wealthy playboy character is the murdering adulterer.  She puts herself in danger trying to get to the bottom of things and if you haven't seen this movie, you will be shocked with the ending.

6. Taking Lives. Angelina Jolie plays a FBI profiler charged with finding a serial killer who takes on the identity of his victims. She gets involved with her victim, Ethan Hawke, and blows the case. She has to find a way to redeem herself with the 'powers that be', and it's a climactic ending. There is a seriously HOT sex scene in the midst of the investigation between Jolie and Hawke. Definitely makes the movie worth watching even if you aren't into suspense thrillers.

5. The Secret Window. Johnny Depp plays an author defending accusations of plagiarism. He is being stalked by his accuser who wants him to pay for what he's done. Doesn't ever good thriller need a psychotic killer? This one definitely has that!

4. The Craft. I've always loved witchcraft movies. The Craft was certainly no exception. Four girls who dabble in balck magic take it a little too far when they envoke the spirits and begin to bring harm to people with their magic. New girl Sarah (aren't they always named Sarah?) tries to get out but can she make it out alive?

3. Identity. A killer is being transported to a stay-of-execution hearing at the request of his psychologist. In the meantime, a storm strands ten strangers in a hotel in the middle of no-where. With an escaped convict on the loose they are being killed off one by one. John Cusack and Ray Liotta play the two sexys that don't agree on the best way to keep safe, and Amanda Peet is the unlikely peacemaker. With a serious twist of an ending, this is another 'what is happening' movie that will make you stop and think even when it's over.

2. Gothika. Halle Berry again is playing a super hot woman caught in the middle of something she doesn't understand. Accused of her husbands murder, she tries to defend herself against iron-clad allegations. There's more to the story than meets the eye though, and with direction from a ghost she works toward the truth.

1. Practical Magic. Who saw it coming? Yep. Two super sexy sister witches covering up a murder and having the kind of fun that only sisters can have. Sexy police officers under their spell and crazy community exorcisms. Who could argue that this is a sexy made-for-Halloween flick?

So those are my Top Ten. There are lots of movies out there that I still haven't seen that if I had would probably have made the cut. What are your favorites? Do you have films you watch every year about this time?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Guest Post: Foursquare: 4 Tips to Working the Best Boy Stalking Tool Yet Invented by Mankind

Morning Bad Girls! The following guest poster has yet to start her own blog- but i think she needs to get on that because I want more! Tell her how much you love her shit in the comments- lets get this girl a blogspot! The stage is your Ina...

Upon my first download and install of the oft-touted, but little understood Foursquare, the magnitude of the cute boy stalking opportunities presented by this magical and convenient new social media game at once became glaringly conspicuous. Now don’t get me wrong, I am currently (and happily) affianced to a very cute boy myself, but after being presented with an application that could have altered my single life irrevocably, I can only mutter under my breath: Where were you Foursquare when I needed you!

Yes, I’ve spent many a quasi-psychotic hour (or four) obsessively Googling and Facebooking Cute Boy de rigeur. But never before have I been able to uncover such a treasure trove of to-the-minute GPS-verified data on his exact whereabouts. The boy stalking opportunities are positively overwhelming. Here are my juiciest tips for getting the most out of Foursquare, your boy-finding friend.

Tip #1 – Never Change Outfits Again

By friending Cute Boy, you will now be privy to every place he checks in to, in real time. This creates an amazing plethora of “chance” encounter-type opportunities. But unlike some of your more feeble attempts in high school (walking past his 3rd period class ad nauseam, “accidentally” dropping your books when he passed your locker), Foursquare allows you to approach this opportunity with poise and dignity. Now you’ll not only be clad in an ensemble that is ideal for his current location, you’ll also be tipped off on his likes, inclinations and habits. Saturday morning at that new sports bar in Hollywood, Happy Ending? 50/50 shot he’s either a die hard USC or a Notre Dame fan, giving you a highly propitious chance of picking the right jersey to pull out of your closet while you’re running out the door.

Tip #2 – Don’t they have the best lobster mashed potatoes here?

The moment of your perfectly orchestrated “chance” encounter is imminent. While you’re looking for parking, you also have the chance to peruse Foursquares’ handy-dandy tips left by other helpful Foursquarians. Yes, maybe you have never been to Happy Ending before. Luckily, Cute Boy will never know this unfortunate omission because upon your arrival, armed with the knowledge of your Foursquare brethren, you will be able to rattle off not only the best items on the menu, but deftly order the coveted secret drink, in this case, the Naughty Girl Scout.

Tip #3 – Change Tactics With A Carefully Placed Check-In

After a few of these chance encounters, Mr. Boyfriend Material might be starting to catch onto you. If you get the feeling that now is the time to back off and create that “air of mystery,” it’s your turn to start checking-in. Now listen close, as this is something Foursquare might not want me telling you: You don’t actually have to be at a location to check-in there. This might feel a little strange and uncomfortable at first, but ask yourself: Have I been to The Edison before? Does the fact that I’m not there at this moment exactly really matter? Am I going to let a little thing like reality stand in the way of true love? Also, you want to make sure you’re always leaving a few choice nuggets here and there, announcing to the virtual world all the amazingly fun places you go. Because what if, just what if, Cute Boy is looking for you?

Tip #4 – Foursquare May Betray You

An unfortunate truth about Foursquare is that it only works if Cute Boy checks-in. And, since most people do have to work and are already spending that time updating their Facebook page, there could be dry periods when you go without check-ins for literally hours. The day might even come when he stops checking in all together, leaving you in a Foursquare-less void, stranded at the El Pollo Loco at Vine and Santa Monica, incapable of deciding to go to Downtown or West Hollywood. But that’s really the least likely scenario—chances are you’ll be on to bigger and better Foursquare quests before that day ever comes. After all, you are the mayor of the Sunset and Argyle Coffee Bean. Cute Boy who?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gettin' Ink Done! *CONTEST*

Alright bad girls- let me see your best ink if you got it!
We wanna know who has the best Bad Girl Tattoo!
Here are the rules:
1. You must be a follower of Bad Girl Bloggers!
2. Submit one, two, as many as you want photos of your tattoo(s) to Subject line "Best Tattoo"
3. Tell all your bloggy friends to come join in on the contest.

Here's how it will work:
The initial submission of photos will end on Friday November 5th (that gives you skanks two weeks)
Then I will post the photos -without names of their owners
(depending on how many participate there may need to be multiple rounds).
Everyone following BGB will get one vote per day on their fav ink!
After all the rounds are complete and the votes are tallied- BGB will crown the winner of the Best Bad Girl Tattoo Contest.

Alright Alright- I know all you bitches wanna hear what you are gonna win:
There will be a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winner... And each winner will receive an item from the Kat Von D Make-up Collection at Sephora.

And she has some good shit- I may even let the winners choose what they want cause I'm fuckin' awesome like that.

So all in all this is a simple way to win yourself a new bad ass item from the tattoo queen herself.
Get on this bad girls! I know you got ink! show me. You have 2 weeks!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interview with Nikki from the Lunatic Cafe!

Sound off bitches!
Time for another round of 20 annoying questions posed at my unlucky victim!
It's time for you to meet Nikki from the Lunatic Cafe!

How long have you thought of yourself as a bad girl?
 Hmm well I'd say since I started dating my hubby ;)
Do people view you as a bad girl? 
My husband does! 
Do you think you need to be a bad girl to get what you want?  
Considering I'm a bad girl in the bedroom, YES.
What's the craziest thing you would do for a hundred bucks?  
Depends on whose paying..Colin Farrell I'd do anything and he wouldn't have to pay me.
What's your theme song?  
Bitch by Meredith Brooks
Your favorite rule to break? 
Touching something I'm not supposed to
A time when you shouldn't have been a bad girl?
That time I snuck out with a friend's boyfriend back in high school
A time when you wish you had been bad? 
The night I could have had a threesome with two hot guys
Do you have a style for picking up men? 
Nope, if they are interested they're interested if not, I'm not going out of my way to be noticed.
Most of the guys you've dated would describe you as...? 
a tease
How would your BFF describe you? 
I hope she'd say I'm a twisted crazy way 
(Oh I do think she's awesome!! Awesomest-tastic-ful!!)
One time that you can't believe you got away with?  
That time I snuck out with a friend's boyfriend back in high school
Your go to phrase when you are pissed off? 
Son of a bitch in heat
Tell us about one crazy night you've had? 
Oh the night I had sex with my boyfriend inches away from my sleeping niece
What kind of blogs bore you the most? 
I'm not big on nothing but product reviews or technical mumbo jumbo
Tell us about your blog and why you blog? 
 It's about my life with OCD and depression and all the crazy things it makes me do.  Why I blog? Well if I didn't I'd need more than happy pills, I'd need a padded room and a straight jacket.

There you have it folks!
One more bad girl blogger that you need to be reading!
Think you're bad enough to be interviewed here on the BGC? Then shoot me an email!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wicked Wednesday- One of Our Own is Sayin' Goodbye!

Its time to link up for Wicked Wednesday, but it's a rather sad occasion. Word has traveled pretty quickly about Crazy Brunette's retirement from the Blog World. This is tough on BGB because CB has been doing a kick-ass job on this site and her contribution will surely be missed.
So let's not cry anymore- CB would not have it this way- let's send her out in a blaze of glory.

*Take your virtual glass of champagne*

Here's to you CB! You are a fuckin' goddess! And we will all miss you so hard. Drink up bitches.

Now- link up your blog with you favorite CB post, memory, story, whatever you got. If you never knew her or her blog, check it out while its still here and give her a shout out for today's Wicked Wednesday.

One Crazy Brunette Chick

So grab the button, post your fav CB shit, and link up.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Top Ten Movie Sex Scenes

Let's count 'em down bitches!

10. Crank- Jason Statham and Amy Smart.
So the movie was kind of ridiculous, but it did leave behind a most memorable outdoor sex spectacle! It was "blood-pumping" to say the least. Jason's character needs to keep his heart rate at a certain level and he is like running out of gas near the end of this movie, so he basically has to bang the shit out of his girlfriend to regain his strength. It was one of those, "I can't believe this is happening" scenes.

9. Secretary
This movie was a friggin' masterpiece. Maggie Gyllenhaal becomes psychotically obsessed with her boss when she becomes a legal secretary. James Spader plays her boss who loves a kinky sex romp at first, then he tries to play hard-to-get before finally confessing his love for his secretary's crazy ass.

8. Boogie Nights
Well sure this one is kind of obvious seeing as the movie is about the porn industry- but I couldn't resist getting Marky-Mark's fine ass in this countdown. I picked the actual porn scene from the movie where Dirk Diggler and Amber Waves (Julianne Moore) are getting it on and the camera man complains about not getting the "money-shot"- ohh that's where that phrase comes from?

7. Titanic
I figured I would throw a bone to my more romantic side-and Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio made this shit look damn hot. The scene is pretty much unforgettable. .. The naked modeling, the back seat of an old-ass car, the steam, the sweaty palms- I lost my virginity just watching those two love-birds do it.

6. Basic Instinct
I was never a huge fan of Sharon Stone, but I didn't want to get bitched at for not including it. Uhh, sooo- she shows her vag during the famous interrogation scene. She has decent legs and makes me want to start smoking again. Now shes a washed up hooker- anything else I forgot?

5. Atonement
This is another slightly sappy scene- but with that "we're doing something wrong" secrecy about it. And that green dress that Keira Knightly is rocking- to f''n die for! Mmm and I love me some James McAvoy. And then the scene gets ruined when her creepy little sister spies on them and thinks he is raping her. Ease up kid, some girls like it rough and your sister is one of those girls.

4. Mulholland Drive
This would be the hot lesbian scene between Naomi Watts and Laura Harring- even thought it all turns out to be part of Naomi's character's imagination- err, i think? One second shes blond and the other is brunette, then they're both blond, then one is actually the other, WTF?This movie was confusing as all hell, but when my mind wasn't trying to wrap around the intricate plot, it was enjoying the show.

3. Unfaithful
The title alone is enough to get any viewer intrigued. Diane Lane is two-timing Richard Gere with a sexy, young, Italian boy. Basically Diane tries to firgure out if she should feel guilty or just enjoy the erotic pleasures. But do not underestimate old man Richard, he knew- he knew so hard that he f-ed up someone's car in his kid's school's parking lot!

2. 8 Mile
The sex scene in 8 mile where they are running through the industrial factory and all you hear are the machines pumping in unison with Eminem and Brittany was great. It was passionate, sexy as hell, and very very hot. Sure it only lasted a few minutes, but Slim Shady was ready to go apparently. I thought this movie was awesome and that Brittany and Eminem made a great drugged-up, white trash Detroit couple. RIP B. Murphy.

1. Wild Things
This goes down as the ultimate R-rated movie sex scene. Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, and Denise Richards were all fuckin' hot! And the way Dillon was bossing them around- you go here, you do that- hell yeahh. hot shit. 'nough said.

You're Either a Pimp or a Ho- Monday Guest Post!

Introducing Marie from O 4 Her as she explains the meaning behind Pimps and Hos...

I recently heard that phrase come out of the mouth of Kevin "KB" Blatt, the infamous ringleader behind the Paris Hilton Sex Tape. OK, that makes sense coming from him, but he was referring to everyone - including the rest of us "normal" folks. Huh? Now, me being the "fearsome goddess that doesn't like to be told what to do" type, my initial reaction was, “Oh hell no, douchebag!” I mean, no misogynist dude is gonna try and say this applies to me! Or to the other strong women in the world! Or for that matter, the many men in the world with integrity and respect for women! Pimps and Hos? I don't think so, Neanderthal.

But then I started thinking about it (I know, I do that sometimes!) Just for shits and giggles, let's take the analogy deeper than the traditional roles of male and female. Basically what he was saying is that you are either someone who makes the rules, or someone who has to play by those rules, right? This got me to thinking some more. And Googling. Turns out, KB (as usual) was using borrowing someone else's concept.

Enter Ghettophysics. It's a movie. Based on a book. About how we are all either pimps or hos. And with limited releases this month across the country, Ghettophysics has been getting generally positive reviews. Probably because from the looks of it, there might actually be some intelligence behind it all.

You're either a pimp or a ho. At first glance, it seems a little "black and white" (by the way, as much as I enjoy a good pun, this was not intended to be one this time!), and we all know the world don't work like that. But then maybe these terms don't have to work like that either. What if we said that, regardless of your sex, you could be both a pimp and a ho, in various shades at various times. You're roles in the world, the roles you choose, the roles you are given, determine your relative pimp-ness or ho-ness. Cubicle job: ho. CEO: pimp. Average citizen: ho. Congressman/woman: pimp. Churchgoer: ho. Priest: pimp. I'm starting to see the relevance.

I could go on, but I'm pretty sure you get my drift. And I'm pretty much all done thinking for today....*exhale*. OK, I lied - I have one last thought. I love the fact that some of us women have begun to claim the terms "bitch" and "ho" for our own. As strong women, we can say these words and own them. Way to go, bitches! And now it's time to bring it to the next level. Go out and take control of your decisions. Be a bitch, be a ho, AND be a pimp!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Stalk! Sluts, Bitches, and Whores only!

So BGB is blog stalking today and there have been some new rules laid out! And no- i'm not going to tell you what they are- you lazy fucks, go look for yourself! I do know one thing- CB is calling for some new sluts to link up over there- so bring a friend along with you today and you may be the lucky gal who can take home the coveted 'CB Slut of the Week' award. Go Stalk NOW!

Bad Girl Bloggers Button

SLUTCODE: Purple Monkey Balls

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interviews By MissC. ENVii

Welcome to the first ever Interviews with MissC here on the BGC!
I am MissC and I write the Blog Miss' Boudoir!

Today I have the Perfectly Imperfect Envii, who writes the blog
 Life is Written in Permanent Ink There Is No Erasing.


I gave her a list of questions to answer for us! And she didn't have to be spanked once to get them done!

Ok Bitch, How long have you thought of yourself as a bad girl? 
 Ever since i can remember! Having 7 brothers n 2 sisters you have to learn to be bad fast! 
Do people view you as a bad girl? 
 Bad, crazy, I think the word psycho has come across once or twice
Do you think you need to be a bad girl to get what you want?
  haha! I get what I want being bad or good, but being bad usually helps.
What's the craziest thing you would do for a hundred bucks?
 Show some ass, streak somewhere ( yes these are things ive done in my past for $100)
What's your theme song? 
 If i have to pick one it would be "shut up bitch" by lil kim  but i think id have a theme mix tape as my theme song ... no one song can put my life into words.

Your favorite rule to break? 
 Respect your elders/ superiors etc.. (Not every one deserves respect when they dont give it back)
A time when you shouldn't have been a bad girl? 
The time i told a pastors wife i was going to leave her kids orphans! [ yes she pissed me off that bad by sayin she wished the tv blew up in my face]
A time when you wish you had been bad? 
 When i found out my first borns father cheated on me [ i had more important things in life to take care of]
Do you have a style for picking up men?
 NO! If i wanted someone trust me id get them [ when i wasnt married]
Most of the guys you've dated would describe you as...? 
 Crazy, Mouthy, Doesnt take shyt from noone and quick to fight
How would your BFF describe you? 
 same as above but she might add a few more words in there 
One time that you can't believe you got away with? 
 Having sex on my husbands ship! Youd think someone would of been wiser  hahah
Your go to phrase when you are pissed off?
  Fucking Shit
Tell us about one crazy night you've had?
 I have had plenty of these! The one that sticks out is when i was at the base club with a group of people .. and of course a fight broke out, but someone my husband ended up in the middle of it .. [ i am not one to fuck around when it comes to him losing pay for fighting] so since his friends wouldnt help out i jumped right in the middle [ mind u im 5'6 and weigh about 115] noone could stop what happened.. i warned dude [ he was about 6'5 maybe 200lbs] if he attempted to swing in any direction hed fuckin pay! apperently cuz im a woman theres no need to listen. he payed for it when he got his ass beat to a bloody mess by me .. and no i didnt get in trouble ..
Tell us about your blog and why you blog? 
 My blog is fabulous! Its about my daily life,my ranting and some reviews! I blog as a way to vent, living in Japan with very few "real people" can get to someone! So it's an outlet to my anger. 

Go and Check out Envii! She'll be keepin us entertained with all of her dam antics!
Want to be interviewed on the BGC? Shoot me an email

Wicked (WITCH) Wednesday

I decided to try something different this week bitches. I know right? I can because I rock like that okay? Anyway, this Wicked Wednesday I want all you whores to post your FAVORITE witch ever. Shit I don't give a fuck if it's your mom okay?

I know I've referred to myself as the Wicked Bitch of the MID-West 1,000 times... well there's no point in denying it right? But for the sake of the game I will bow out of the favorite witch list. Damnit.

My favorite witch of all fucking time- literally there is NO comparison when it comes to hateful bitches and you can say whatever you want about me after (but be prepared for a stiletto in the face if I don't like it) because I could give a fuck less.

Maleficent- from Sleeping Beauty. I fucking LOVE this bitch, I swear the second I laid eyes on her at freaking 5 or however the hell old I was, this bitch rocked my face off.

What bitches? Is there a problem? Didn't think so.

I have one other bitch that I have IDOLIZED my whole fucking life and if you need an explanation as to why... then you must get far far away from here and fast as your ugly ass clogs can carry you. No, really.

I've mentioned Elvira countless times before on One Crazy Brunette Chick and all you hookers know how much I love this sexy bitch. I mean come the fuck on, she laced a casserole with ecstasy and the whole damn town had a fucking orgy.

There you have it whores, those are the two women than THIS Crazy Brunette idolized as a child. I know right?

Rules to link up:
  • Take the Wicked Wednesday button
  • Post your favorite witch of all time
  • Then link up hookers


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Ten Bad Boys of Hollywood

1. Gerald Butler- Okay this man can play heart throb to warrior and STILL makes this Brunette wet! And that accent makes him a double threat bitches!

2. Charlie Hunnam- The motorcycle did me in... That all I need, Mr. Hunnam can ride me around ALL mother fucking day and night and I would die a happy woman. He takes NO SHIT from anybody and when he shoots that gun... Oh dear God.

3. Bruce Willis- Do you even NEED an explanation for this one? He was SMOKING HOT at 25 and he is STILL totally fucking badass at 50... And nobody looks better all sweaty and covered in dirt than this man!

4. Jason Statham- Um. WIN. He OOZES badboy-ness from every fucking pore of his sexy body. Just LOOK at him, it's okay to stare... I'm SURE he wont mind!

5. Dane Cook- This man is my verbal soul mate okay? There is NOTHING about this man that doesn't scream perfection... He talks like a drunken sailor and guaranteed he's a good lay. Kill me.
6. Johnny Depp- Come on, hes been playing the bad boy since he was like twelve. Johnny takes the whole tall, dark, and handsome shit to the next fuckin' level. Hes a smooth talker and is an overall hot ass man.

Favorite Bad Boy Role: Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Western Johnny Depp- fuckkk yeahhhh.

7. Ryan Reynolds- alright so doesn't play the BB part in a lot of his movies, but just one look at this man and i'm done. Everything about him just screams "I wanna fuck you right now!" I guess he first had me in the movie Waiting- where he wasn't so much of a bad ass, more just like an asshole, which we gals know can be equally as attractive the way our fucked up brains work.

8. Kevin Bacon- there are so many movies that he looks gorgeous in i can't fuckin' handle it. Of course there's Wild Things- where we get a glimpse of his real bacon- but then the old-school rebellious KB in Footloose is a hard one to pass up.

The 80's never looked so good.

9 & 10. Sean Patrick Flanery & Norman Reedus- Hot Fuckin' Irish Boys. After I saw them wielding their guns in Boondock Saints I was officially smitten. They haven't been in much lately- unless you are lining up to get tickets for SAW 3D (i gave up on that series about three years ago). But seriously, have you ever seen men look so good lighten up those cigarettes?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheryl Spills More Than Her Daily Cup of Java

I have been obsessed with this girl since i started my little parade on the blogosphere so its great that i finally get to fire some questions her way! Shes blunt, straight to the point, and has some seriously hilarious observations on life. So here she is bitches...

So Cheryl why should all us Bad Girls go check out your home turf,

Because they have nothing else better to do.

Ahhh spoken like a true Bad Girl. What do you think qualifies you as a Bad Girl???
I suppose it depends on what you consider "bad girl". Are we talking "bad" like "naughty?" Because I've never carried a whip, and men don't trust me, 6 inch heels and their penises in the same room, so I don't know if I qualify to even be part of this club. Although, my mom thinks I'm fucking awful because I swear all the time and take off my pants in front of Non-Asian men, but let's face it: swearing is an art, and non-Asians have bigger penises.
BUT if we're talking "bad" like 50cent, I totally qualify.
In the third grade I stole a chocolate bar from a 7-11.

Lord knows I love any answer with a 50 cent reference. So tell me, were you ALWAYS a Bad Girl or are you recently converted?
I've been asshole for pretty much the last decade.

What bores you more, a 'Mommy Blogger' or 'Tweet Blogs' and why?
What the fuck is a Tweet Blog? Like when people post their tweets onto their blog? Are your tweets so fucking interesting that I've got to read them twice in two different places? Losers. Get a real fucking blog.
I want you to tell me and EVERY other Bad Girl here about an instance that has made you realize you are in fact a Bad Girl?
I went and got myself plowed before acceptable plowing age.

Any other additional comments, complaints, or general inquiries?
Additional comment: I AM AWESOME.
Complaints: Facebook is so stupid sometimes. Like why don't the messages show up top anymore? Now I've got to look at the stupid sidebar. WHO LOOKS AT SIDEBARS.
General Inquiries: Why am I tearing out of one eye and how do I stop it?

Thanks Cheryl- you crack my shit up daily and i know you will do the same for every Bad Girl that heads your way!
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Wicked Wednesday... Blogger is Dicking Me...

Hey whores! So I wrote out this awesome post about my weekend... which was quite Wicked if I may say so myself. Then I hit 'Publish' and went to view the fucker and Blogger says 'The page you are looking for is not in existence'

The FUCK? Bullshit! I just wrote the bastard! Let's get a goddamn Whizzo Button for the fucking admin at Blogger for once again dicking CB in the ass with no lube! Anyway- short version:

Races and being eye fucked by every man within looking distance... let me think... WIN.

Alright you know the deal bitches, take the button, write something crazy wicked and then link back up with your WW post!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oops... Vodka talking!

Sorry slutties, we had a long weekend and the Vodka is still coursing through my veins... so unfortunately we have no Top Ten Tuesday for you today. Oh deal with it hoes, you'll survive! Take a shot or something... I know I'm going to!

Come back tomorrow for Wicked Wednesday!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A page stolen from Kristin's Diary:

Hey bitches! Our featured blogger this week is one badass chick and she is also a close and personal friend of your very own Crazy Brunette! I fucking love this crazy bitch and you slut faces will too!

This weeks featured blogger is Kristin at Domestically Disabled! 

 A page stolen from Kristin's Diary:
March, 1998
Dear Diary~
      Tonight completes my exact 2 weeks of working at the Fantasy Factory. I must admit I have really started to enjoy the attention I get when I remove my clothes and start dancing around stage.
I made a new friend, her name is Lucky.
      The manager of the bar Dwayne asked Lucky and I to join him and his friend last for a party with a HOT TUB!! I have never been in a hot tub!! So after work Lucky and I went to party.
OH my god was it a party. I was drinking stuff I have never heard of and dancing to music in ways I never thought I could.
      I think it was Lucky's idea to start making out. She always has a knack for knowing what shocks the boys. So when they left the room she kissed me, and...well I have never kissed a girl before but it was fucking HOT. Then Dwayne and his friend came back and the party really started!!
      Dwayne wants to fuck Lucky that's apparent and his buddy is an aspiring film maker how cool is that. He even brought his camera! I think I started drinking more.
I never saw two people fuck in person before it was fantastic and sexy and so HOT, I just knew I could make it hotter. I am pretty sure I started making cheesy porno music as a joke. Tried to play director. Bend her over that way, slap her ass a little harder, oh Lucky arch your back some more..MM that's hot!
     I wanted to play for real though. So I join them on the bed. OH wow are her fingers so soft....I am losing myself in the fantasy This is so sexy, so taboo..
      I woke up with a CRAZY hangover this morning. I was due at the Fantasy Factory for a 12 hour shift. I was really dragging ass as I walked in.
God, they were watching porn on the big screen, and that girl has a nice.....OH SHIT!!! There I am in front of all these customers fucking Dwayne like a rabbit. Oh I'm sorry Like a ROCKET!
I am on top, head back, sexiest pose Ive ever seen just rocking this mans world, and people I have never met are watching in awe and fascination.
    I made over 800 dollars tonight, on a Monday. Seems everyone likes the new naughty stripper they call " ROCKET"

There you have it hookers... another Badgirl reveals all and a little more! And that's why we fucking love it!