Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wicked (WITCH) Wednesday

I decided to try something different this week bitches. I know right? I can because I rock like that okay? Anyway, this Wicked Wednesday I want all you whores to post your FAVORITE witch ever. Shit I don't give a fuck if it's your mom okay?

I know I've referred to myself as the Wicked Bitch of the MID-West 1,000 times... well there's no point in denying it right? But for the sake of the game I will bow out of the favorite witch list. Damnit.

My favorite witch of all fucking time- literally there is NO comparison when it comes to hateful bitches and you can say whatever you want about me after (but be prepared for a stiletto in the face if I don't like it) because I could give a fuck less.

Maleficent- from Sleeping Beauty. I fucking LOVE this bitch, I swear the second I laid eyes on her at freaking 5 or however the hell old I was, this bitch rocked my face off.

What bitches? Is there a problem? Didn't think so.

I have one other bitch that I have IDOLIZED my whole fucking life and if you need an explanation as to why... then you must get far far away from here and fast as your ugly ass clogs can carry you. No, really.

I've mentioned Elvira countless times before on One Crazy Brunette Chick and all you hookers know how much I love this sexy bitch. I mean come the fuck on, she laced a casserole with ecstasy and the whole damn town had a fucking orgy.

There you have it whores, those are the two women than THIS Crazy Brunette idolized as a child. I know right?

Rules to link up:
  • Take the Wicked Wednesday button
  • Post your favorite witch of all time
  • Then link up hookers



  1. elvira is my all time fave!!!! old as hell and still looks fabulous !!!

  2. Damn it! I finally come up with a good story and you change the shit. Whatever I still got to link up.

  3. EnVii- I KNOW!!!!! Just one more reason to LOOOOVE your ass!

    Nandi- Hell post it for Blog Stalk Friday! OR save it and be a guest poster bitch!!

  4. Fucking good choices!!! I am going to have to think about this but Im linking up cause ain't nothing hotter than a Hawt Witch!!!
    Elvira has some hot ass boobs!!!

  5. HI! Saw your link on Jen's Daisy Approach, now I'm following!

  6. Is Joan Crawford a witch...because I really like her!

  7. When I was searching for pics of Maleficent, I kept getting pics of Angelina Jolie...Knew there was a reason I fucking love her...