Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten Sexy Halloween Picks

Slashers are great and have their place, but I personally prefer thrillers with a sexy edge for my Halloween Marathons. So here is a list of my Top Ten Sexy Halloween Picks!

10. I've Been Waiting For You. I loved this movie! It was accused of trying to be like the other teen horror flicks of the 90's but I thought it was different and interesting. The movie is about a new girl in town, Sarah. Kids in town target her as being the descendant of a witch that was killed by the townspeople hundreds of years ago. There's a killer out there targeting descendants of those who killed the witch. It's definitely a 'who's next' kind of film, with a 'who's the killer' twist. I LOVED it, but it can be #10 since most people don't know it.

9. The Covenant. Another descendants of witchcraft flick, but this one is different because it's a bunch of hot guys with the powers this time. Once again it's a story of how power corrupts and someone coming back to stake a claim. There is one 'battle' scene towards the end that is particularly HOT.

8. The Perfect Murder. Doesn't Michael Douglas play the perfect evil man? He's still hot, and he plays the older distinguished husband of the cheating Gwenyth Paltrow in this thriller. He makes a mistake though, underestimating his wife and leaving a witness to his plan. This is a sexy suspense flick that will have you squirming in your seat.

7. The Perfect Stranger. Halle Berry plays a reporter who is trying to get to the bottom of her best friend's murder. She aims to get the proof she needs that Harrison Ford's wealthy playboy character is the murdering adulterer.  She puts herself in danger trying to get to the bottom of things and if you haven't seen this movie, you will be shocked with the ending.

6. Taking Lives. Angelina Jolie plays a FBI profiler charged with finding a serial killer who takes on the identity of his victims. She gets involved with her victim, Ethan Hawke, and blows the case. She has to find a way to redeem herself with the 'powers that be', and it's a climactic ending. There is a seriously HOT sex scene in the midst of the investigation between Jolie and Hawke. Definitely makes the movie worth watching even if you aren't into suspense thrillers.

5. The Secret Window. Johnny Depp plays an author defending accusations of plagiarism. He is being stalked by his accuser who wants him to pay for what he's done. Doesn't ever good thriller need a psychotic killer? This one definitely has that!

4. The Craft. I've always loved witchcraft movies. The Craft was certainly no exception. Four girls who dabble in balck magic take it a little too far when they envoke the spirits and begin to bring harm to people with their magic. New girl Sarah (aren't they always named Sarah?) tries to get out but can she make it out alive?

3. Identity. A killer is being transported to a stay-of-execution hearing at the request of his psychologist. In the meantime, a storm strands ten strangers in a hotel in the middle of no-where. With an escaped convict on the loose they are being killed off one by one. John Cusack and Ray Liotta play the two sexys that don't agree on the best way to keep safe, and Amanda Peet is the unlikely peacemaker. With a serious twist of an ending, this is another 'what is happening' movie that will make you stop and think even when it's over.

2. Gothika. Halle Berry again is playing a super hot woman caught in the middle of something she doesn't understand. Accused of her husbands murder, she tries to defend herself against iron-clad allegations. There's more to the story than meets the eye though, and with direction from a ghost she works toward the truth.

1. Practical Magic. Who saw it coming? Yep. Two super sexy sister witches covering up a murder and having the kind of fun that only sisters can have. Sexy police officers under their spell and crazy community exorcisms. Who could argue that this is a sexy made-for-Halloween flick?

So those are my Top Ten. There are lots of movies out there that I still haven't seen that if I had would probably have made the cut. What are your favorites? Do you have films you watch every year about this time?


  1. Omg i had totally forgotten about Practical Magic. I'm gonna track that down for Halloween this wknd - thank ya :)

  2. We'll have to rent some of these when you COME TO MI CASA for halloweenie!!

  3. Ooooh good list! Loved Taking Lives! And The Craft is one of my alltime favourites

  4. The Craft was on Oxygen at like midnight last night so now it's on my DVR :)

  5. I can't believe someone else knew about I've been waiting for you...holy crap!!!

  6. Daisy- I loved that movie! A few years ago I searched everywhere and finally found it on NetFlix. I thought it was pretty good, then I looked it up to see the bad reviews and I was like, huh?