Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheryl Spills More Than Her Daily Cup of Java

I have been obsessed with this girl since i started my little parade on the blogosphere so its great that i finally get to fire some questions her way! Shes blunt, straight to the point, and has some seriously hilarious observations on life. So here she is bitches...

So Cheryl why should all us Bad Girls go check out your home turf,

Because they have nothing else better to do.

Ahhh spoken like a true Bad Girl. What do you think qualifies you as a Bad Girl???
I suppose it depends on what you consider "bad girl". Are we talking "bad" like "naughty?" Because I've never carried a whip, and men don't trust me, 6 inch heels and their penises in the same room, so I don't know if I qualify to even be part of this club. Although, my mom thinks I'm fucking awful because I swear all the time and take off my pants in front of Non-Asian men, but let's face it: swearing is an art, and non-Asians have bigger penises.
BUT if we're talking "bad" like 50cent, I totally qualify.
In the third grade I stole a chocolate bar from a 7-11.

Lord knows I love any answer with a 50 cent reference. So tell me, were you ALWAYS a Bad Girl or are you recently converted?
I've been asshole for pretty much the last decade.

What bores you more, a 'Mommy Blogger' or 'Tweet Blogs' and why?
What the fuck is a Tweet Blog? Like when people post their tweets onto their blog? Are your tweets so fucking interesting that I've got to read them twice in two different places? Losers. Get a real fucking blog.
I want you to tell me and EVERY other Bad Girl here about an instance that has made you realize you are in fact a Bad Girl?
I went and got myself plowed before acceptable plowing age.

Any other additional comments, complaints, or general inquiries?
Additional comment: I AM AWESOME.
Complaints: Facebook is so stupid sometimes. Like why don't the messages show up top anymore? Now I've got to look at the stupid sidebar. WHO LOOKS AT SIDEBARS.
General Inquiries: Why am I tearing out of one eye and how do I stop it?

Thanks Cheryl- you crack my shit up daily and i know you will do the same for every Bad Girl that heads your way!
Cheryl also has a blog design site: for all of your layout needs! Go check this bitch out ladies!