Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wicked Wednesday... Blogger is Dicking Me...

Hey whores! So I wrote out this awesome post about my weekend... which was quite Wicked if I may say so myself. Then I hit 'Publish' and went to view the fucker and Blogger says 'The page you are looking for is not in existence'

The FUCK? Bullshit! I just wrote the bastard! Let's get a goddamn Whizzo Button for the fucking admin at Blogger for once again dicking CB in the ass with no lube! Anyway- short version:

Races and being eye fucked by every man within looking distance... let me think... WIN.

Alright you know the deal bitches, take the button, write something crazy wicked and then link back up with your WW post!



  1. CB - maybe blogger thought ur weekend was way too hot and got jealous LOL.. im pretty sure u had a fantabulous weekend none the less

  2. Blogger's been a major bitch to me for a couple weeks. Always saying 'service unavailable' and shit.

  3. It did the same thing to me Sugar!!

  4. Blogger has been fucking a lot of people the last couple weeks... it's left me swearing many times while losing work.

  5. I got real pissy with it last night. I had to remember that it was blogger not the computer cause I was ready to break something.

    Only 5 link-ups so far? WTF?

  6. Shhhyea I know... we were dealing with a bunch of shit.

    Next week we go BIG!

  7. I think it also has to do with the fact that people are going to run out of dirty, naughty or bad girl stories eventually. So coming up with questions to ask is more ideal.