Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fucking Top Ten

So this week for Top Ten Tuesday I decided to compile a list of the Top Ten Fucktastic Songs, Celebs, Movies, you get the idea :)

10. Amy Winehouse. As much as I love her, she's just fucked up.

9. Lily Allen's Fuck You

8. Fuck You Friday! The most awesome blog meme ever!

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7. The Blogess. She's fucking fantastic, just check her out!

6. Splackavellie. I don't care how wrong it is, this song always makes me wanna get naked. How you like my fine man Shemar in all his 90's glory?

5. Bruce Willis. Yippee Ki-yay, Mother Fucker!

4. Liberator Shapes. Seriously. They are Awesome!

3. Betty White. I mean really? Who doesn't think this woman is fantastic?

2. Cee Lo's Fuck You

1. Shemar Moore. Yum! Fucking Hotest Man Ever!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where are you, G-Spot?

Ladies ladies! I need your assistance! I keep hearing great things about this ever-elusive G-spot orgasm that is supposedly better than the clit orgasm- but i'm trying and trying to no avail.

I got my new vibrator that has the curved end that rotates and is supposed to hit that spot, but i just feel like Chris Columbus sailing in the dark, i have no clue what i'm waiting for.

I've been keeping my ears open to tips and tricks such as the g-sport needs constant attention and pressure for it to reach its peak. So i hope this orgasm is worth it because i am desperatly seeking it.

And of course there is some stat about only a small percent of women can get the g-spot to orgasm, but i feel like if its there then theres got to be a way to get it going.

So questions bad girls: HOW the heck do i get the G to go?

IS it that much Different than the Clit?

What's a bad girl gotta do to get some G-Spot Lovin??

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Silver Lining

So, I was more or less out of commission last week. I had a flu and I was on my ass all week long! I'm finally back in the game this week and I forgot all about Top Ten Tuesday!! So I decided to find the Top Five (I know, I'm a slacker) silver linings on all these illnesses flying around.

5. Forgot that work assignment? You were sick *sniffle, sniffle* "I'm so sorry, I was so sick I forgot all about it!" --get that sympathy while you can!

4. Stay up too late? Party too hard? Must've had a relapse. Call in "sick". They'll believe you.

3. Don't want to go visit your friend with the particularly bratty kid? You've been sick, and you'd hate to get that precious little angel sick for her to have to deal with.

2. Have a craving? You know, you're stomach is still pretty sensitive and it's really all you can stomach right now. (O'Charley's Soup!)

1. Don't want to drive across town to your boyfriend's house? It's ok, you're sick, he'll come to you. And do you need anything while he's on his way? (Cosmo, Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Diet Coke please!)

When have you stretched the sympathy on being sick? Take an extra day off? Let your hubby clean the house for another week? Made you're kids refill your drink while you laid on the couch? Tell me about it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Bad Girl Anthem

Nicole Scherzinger, best known for her stint with the Pussycat Dolls is back out on her own again. She is sticking with the currently pop style of techno beats and loud vocals with her latest track, Poisen. When I first hit play, i was like, "hell yeah, get it girl!" and as the song wore on, my initial enthusiasm slowly died down.

I mean, it's okay. decent beat, good dance tune. And i do hate when people start shit about copycat videos and/or styles within in Hollywood- but standing in the jail line-up, I feel like we've been there before... a lot!

So what do we think ladies? Has Nicole fist-pumped her way into the bad girl crowd or does she fall short? Here's the video: