Monday, October 4, 2010

A page stolen from Kristin's Diary:

Hey bitches! Our featured blogger this week is one badass chick and she is also a close and personal friend of your very own Crazy Brunette! I fucking love this crazy bitch and you slut faces will too!

This weeks featured blogger is Kristin at Domestically Disabled! 

 A page stolen from Kristin's Diary:
March, 1998
Dear Diary~
      Tonight completes my exact 2 weeks of working at the Fantasy Factory. I must admit I have really started to enjoy the attention I get when I remove my clothes and start dancing around stage.
I made a new friend, her name is Lucky.
      The manager of the bar Dwayne asked Lucky and I to join him and his friend last for a party with a HOT TUB!! I have never been in a hot tub!! So after work Lucky and I went to party.
OH my god was it a party. I was drinking stuff I have never heard of and dancing to music in ways I never thought I could.
      I think it was Lucky's idea to start making out. She always has a knack for knowing what shocks the boys. So when they left the room she kissed me, and...well I have never kissed a girl before but it was fucking HOT. Then Dwayne and his friend came back and the party really started!!
      Dwayne wants to fuck Lucky that's apparent and his buddy is an aspiring film maker how cool is that. He even brought his camera! I think I started drinking more.
I never saw two people fuck in person before it was fantastic and sexy and so HOT, I just knew I could make it hotter. I am pretty sure I started making cheesy porno music as a joke. Tried to play director. Bend her over that way, slap her ass a little harder, oh Lucky arch your back some more..MM that's hot!
     I wanted to play for real though. So I join them on the bed. OH wow are her fingers so soft....I am losing myself in the fantasy This is so sexy, so taboo..
      I woke up with a CRAZY hangover this morning. I was due at the Fantasy Factory for a 12 hour shift. I was really dragging ass as I walked in.
God, they were watching porn on the big screen, and that girl has a nice.....OH SHIT!!! There I am in front of all these customers fucking Dwayne like a rabbit. Oh I'm sorry Like a ROCKET!
I am on top, head back, sexiest pose Ive ever seen just rocking this mans world, and people I have never met are watching in awe and fascination.
    I made over 800 dollars tonight, on a Monday. Seems everyone likes the new naughty stripper they call " ROCKET"

There you have it hookers... another Badgirl reveals all and a little more! And that's why we fucking love it!


  1. So when they say it beats waiting tables, they aren't kidding ;)

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  3. What a douche, has to ruin a perfectly good post with spammy comments.

    I loved it Kristen, definitely a hot encounter.

  4. oh yea PS..The moon shines on the cat..gayest poem ever...just saying.

  5. What the FUCK is that shitfuck spewing????

    Love you bitch! You rocked that shit!

  6. yay... kristin is SOOO awesome!!! i heart her!!

  7. Wow are awesome! I heart you!