Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interviews By MissC. ENVii

Welcome to the first ever Interviews with MissC here on the BGC!
I am MissC and I write the Blog Miss' Boudoir!

Today I have the Perfectly Imperfect Envii, who writes the blog
 Life is Written in Permanent Ink There Is No Erasing.


I gave her a list of questions to answer for us! And she didn't have to be spanked once to get them done!

Ok Bitch, How long have you thought of yourself as a bad girl? 
 Ever since i can remember! Having 7 brothers n 2 sisters you have to learn to be bad fast! 
Do people view you as a bad girl? 
 Bad, crazy, I think the word psycho has come across once or twice
Do you think you need to be a bad girl to get what you want?
  haha! I get what I want being bad or good, but being bad usually helps.
What's the craziest thing you would do for a hundred bucks?
 Show some ass, streak somewhere ( yes these are things ive done in my past for $100)
What's your theme song? 
 If i have to pick one it would be "shut up bitch" by lil kim  but i think id have a theme mix tape as my theme song ... no one song can put my life into words.

Your favorite rule to break? 
 Respect your elders/ superiors etc.. (Not every one deserves respect when they dont give it back)
A time when you shouldn't have been a bad girl? 
The time i told a pastors wife i was going to leave her kids orphans! [ yes she pissed me off that bad by sayin she wished the tv blew up in my face]
A time when you wish you had been bad? 
 When i found out my first borns father cheated on me [ i had more important things in life to take care of]
Do you have a style for picking up men?
 NO! If i wanted someone trust me id get them [ when i wasnt married]
Most of the guys you've dated would describe you as...? 
 Crazy, Mouthy, Doesnt take shyt from noone and quick to fight
How would your BFF describe you? 
 same as above but she might add a few more words in there 
One time that you can't believe you got away with? 
 Having sex on my husbands ship! Youd think someone would of been wiser  hahah
Your go to phrase when you are pissed off?
  Fucking Shit
Tell us about one crazy night you've had?
 I have had plenty of these! The one that sticks out is when i was at the base club with a group of people .. and of course a fight broke out, but someone my husband ended up in the middle of it .. [ i am not one to fuck around when it comes to him losing pay for fighting] so since his friends wouldnt help out i jumped right in the middle [ mind u im 5'6 and weigh about 115] noone could stop what happened.. i warned dude [ he was about 6'5 maybe 200lbs] if he attempted to swing in any direction hed fuckin pay! apperently cuz im a woman theres no need to listen. he payed for it when he got his ass beat to a bloody mess by me .. and no i didnt get in trouble ..
Tell us about your blog and why you blog? 
 My blog is fabulous! Its about my daily life,my ranting and some reviews! I blog as a way to vent, living in Japan with very few "real people" can get to someone! So it's an outlet to my anger. 

Go and Check out Envii! She'll be keepin us entertained with all of her dam antics!
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  1. You told a preachers wife you'd leave her kids orphans????

    I fucking LOOOVE it!!!!

  2. hahahah yes i was fond of my tv back then .. i also told her her daughter was a whore and was fucking underneath the steps LMAO!!

  3. Oh EnVii, I knew I loved you before, but my love just grew deeper!