Monday, October 18, 2010

Top Ten Movie Sex Scenes

Let's count 'em down bitches!

10. Crank- Jason Statham and Amy Smart.
So the movie was kind of ridiculous, but it did leave behind a most memorable outdoor sex spectacle! It was "blood-pumping" to say the least. Jason's character needs to keep his heart rate at a certain level and he is like running out of gas near the end of this movie, so he basically has to bang the shit out of his girlfriend to regain his strength. It was one of those, "I can't believe this is happening" scenes.

9. Secretary
This movie was a friggin' masterpiece. Maggie Gyllenhaal becomes psychotically obsessed with her boss when she becomes a legal secretary. James Spader plays her boss who loves a kinky sex romp at first, then he tries to play hard-to-get before finally confessing his love for his secretary's crazy ass.

8. Boogie Nights
Well sure this one is kind of obvious seeing as the movie is about the porn industry- but I couldn't resist getting Marky-Mark's fine ass in this countdown. I picked the actual porn scene from the movie where Dirk Diggler and Amber Waves (Julianne Moore) are getting it on and the camera man complains about not getting the "money-shot"- ohh that's where that phrase comes from?

7. Titanic
I figured I would throw a bone to my more romantic side-and Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio made this shit look damn hot. The scene is pretty much unforgettable. .. The naked modeling, the back seat of an old-ass car, the steam, the sweaty palms- I lost my virginity just watching those two love-birds do it.

6. Basic Instinct
I was never a huge fan of Sharon Stone, but I didn't want to get bitched at for not including it. Uhh, sooo- she shows her vag during the famous interrogation scene. She has decent legs and makes me want to start smoking again. Now shes a washed up hooker- anything else I forgot?

5. Atonement
This is another slightly sappy scene- but with that "we're doing something wrong" secrecy about it. And that green dress that Keira Knightly is rocking- to f''n die for! Mmm and I love me some James McAvoy. And then the scene gets ruined when her creepy little sister spies on them and thinks he is raping her. Ease up kid, some girls like it rough and your sister is one of those girls.

4. Mulholland Drive
This would be the hot lesbian scene between Naomi Watts and Laura Harring- even thought it all turns out to be part of Naomi's character's imagination- err, i think? One second shes blond and the other is brunette, then they're both blond, then one is actually the other, WTF?This movie was confusing as all hell, but when my mind wasn't trying to wrap around the intricate plot, it was enjoying the show.

3. Unfaithful
The title alone is enough to get any viewer intrigued. Diane Lane is two-timing Richard Gere with a sexy, young, Italian boy. Basically Diane tries to firgure out if she should feel guilty or just enjoy the erotic pleasures. But do not underestimate old man Richard, he knew- he knew so hard that he f-ed up someone's car in his kid's school's parking lot!

2. 8 Mile
The sex scene in 8 mile where they are running through the industrial factory and all you hear are the machines pumping in unison with Eminem and Brittany was great. It was passionate, sexy as hell, and very very hot. Sure it only lasted a few minutes, but Slim Shady was ready to go apparently. I thought this movie was awesome and that Brittany and Eminem made a great drugged-up, white trash Detroit couple. RIP B. Murphy.

1. Wild Things
This goes down as the ultimate R-rated movie sex scene. Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, and Denise Richards were all fuckin' hot! And the way Dillon was bossing them around- you go here, you do that- hell yeahh. hot shit. 'nough said.


  1. I'll add a #11 - Monster's Ball with Halle Berry & Billy Bob Thornton!!

  2. I saw the title and thought, Unfaithful will surely make the cut! Glad I was right :) That is a HOT movie.

    I would love to throw in the scene from the Wedding Date though. Even though it was super mainstream and you didn't see much, it was really hot!

  3. Unfaithful is one of my favorite movies because it is super steamy. But, and I don't want to get shit about this, my favorite all time sex scene was in the movie "The Piano". There is just something about pure passion that turns me on!

  4. #1- I remeber watching that in college. #2--Haven't seen the movie #3 HATED unfaithful. #4 confused me and I don't remember anything about it. Haven't seen #5 Hated Secretary. lol But I do agree with the Titanic one.

  5. nothing turns me on more than Jason Statham! Hot damn!!! the bathroom, the stairwell...oh my word! So hot! Great picks!

  6. You forgot one..

    Fast and the furious? When Vin Diesel picks up Michelle Rodriguez by her legs in the garage? Yeah thats my favorite..

  7. Maggie Gyllenhallmarkenstein does absolutely nothing for me, but in Secretary? Oh man. Now that movie was hot :D

    Also, on Marky-Mark sans-funky bunch, it wasn't sex, but something about him fingering Reese Witherspoon in Fear always got me :D

  8. Haha! That Crank scene was defintely unexpected.
    Secretary was a great movie just b/c i'd never seen her in that kind of character. She's usually a bore.
    The Titanic scene= EPIC. Especially when her hand hits the window lol

  9. I have a couple more for you Hookers...

    The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) Housewife Cora (Jessica Lange) was just minding her own business, kneading bread in the kitchen. Then drifter Frank (Jack Nicholson) rang her bell. As for the bread? Oh, it got kneaded, all right--courtesy Cora, Frank and their flour-flying, kitchen-table fuck scene.

    Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986) By day, Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) works in an art gallery. By day, John (Mickey Rourke) makes money by, um, making money. (He's mysterious that way.) By night, they're a seriously fun couple. Director Adrian Lyne's erotic classic features many hot moments--mainly involving Basinger's body backlit by a floodlight. But the sexiest? Try John teasing Liz with an ice cube. hot hot hot

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