Thursday, June 30, 2011

Talk to Me Thursday: Lady Estrogen

We're going to start a new little feature called "Talk to me Thursday" where we will ask "Bad Girls" to fill in the answers on our little questionnaire so we can get to know each other better. If you're interested in being featured just e-mail us and we will get you on the list!

This week we are talking with Lady Estrogen. you might remember her guest post from January.

Adventures in Estrogen
1. What makes you a Bad Girl? 
The list is so long, I had to start a blog about it; you may have heard of it. hehe. The book is on its way!

2. What would you say is your theme song? 
Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle by Machine Gun Fellatio ( It's so funky and rough. I love it! It better be played at my funeral, is all I'm saying.

3. Where is the baddest place you have ever had sex?
In the tall brush on the edge of a beach - midday - with families on the beach just a few feet away. My boyfriend had to keep his hand firmly over my mouth.

4. What are your top 3 picks for sex positions? 
A. Doggie-style, by far, then B. Missionary, with him holding my ankles up high in the air, and C. Reverse scissors or spoon fucking. I'm not good with official terms, I'll just putting that designation out there.  

5. Why did you start blogging? 
I had so many weird stories and thoughts I wanted to write out before I started to forget them - which I'm sure will be happening any day now.

6. What do you do when you are not blogging?
Design; chase around toddlers; slowly lose my mind... and think about what to blog next. I have a husband around somewhere, but I forgot where I put him last.

7. Who is your favorite Bad Girl in history? Why?
Lady Godiva. She rode naked on a horse to protest her own husband's harsh taxes... in the 11th century! That is so bad ass; she's my hero. 

8. Can you describe a Bad Girl moment you have had? 
I once went on a kids' jungle gym with my boyfriend after a night out and had sex on the enclosed platform area while his mother was waiting for us in the parking lot... she was early. Oops!

9. Thongs, hipsters or none? 
Hipsters, definitely. I can't stand the feeling of material wedged up my crack; I don't care how sexy it's suppose to be, that shit just ain't worth it.

10. Can you suggest a Bad Girl to us? Why her?
Saucy B! Because she really is saucy & she rocks my tits!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wicked Wednesday: No Rules!

One Crazy Brunette Chick

So I've obviously lost my mind because it's Wicked Wednesday and today I've decided that there are no rules as to what you have to post about! Just link us up to your bad ass post and tell why you think it's worthy to wear the Wicked Wednesday badge! It has to be original, not a re-post, but aside from that you're good. 

Ok, so maybe there were a few rules. 

So go ahead, link-up your torrid tales of debauchery, or a video of your favorite bad girl anthem, maybe even a sexy pic you want to share! Hell, I'd love to see some top ten lists go up with this!

Ready, Set, Link-up!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Summer Songs

Perhaps you all have noticed that I am absolutely dying for a little time on the beach? I thought this week I'd post the Top Ten Summer Songs! IMHO

10. Cruel Summer. Come on, Bananarama?

9. A Thousand Miles. Am I the only one who remembers this song? It just felt like summer to me.

8. Carolina Girls. Are of course... the best ;)

7. Shaggin' on the Boulevard. Gotta love Alabama and that Carolina Shag music!

6. Soak up the Sun. Just a good one.

5. California Gurls. I instinctivly want to roll down the windows when this song plays!

4. Put the Lime in the Coconut. Coconut! Enough said!

3.All Summer Long. Love this man, God help me.

2. The Summer of '69. Bryan Adams was 10. He wasn't talking about the year ;)

1. Escape. Who hasn't busted out with a little... "If you like Pina Coladas!"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Just For You!

Hey Bitches!! 

It's FRIDAY!!! 

I was going to announce the winner of the prize pack today, but I decided not to. 

Instead, I am going to give you the weekend to comment! 

Come back Monday for the winner, Bitches!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guest Post from Rockin' Mama!

Hey there bitches. D is posting this for me today because my computer is still being a fuck tard. I have a special treat for you today. If you don't know Destiny already, you are really missing out on a Bad Girl. Go follow her, and let me know [In a different comment] that you do, and get an extra entry in the giveaway!

Waterbed Love

I was a late bloomer across the board growing up. No boobs, ass, or sexual experience. So when it came time to have sex I obviously had no idea what to expect all I had to go was moves from watching Dirty Dancing and the horror stories from my whore bag friends because they were getting it on in middle school while I was always curious I was the last one in the group to “lose it”.

 I started dating this guy freshmen year and even though I ran with whores I didn’t even do hard core sucking face till a year after we were together. It would take another year to pass before I actually went “all the way.”

I knew his parents hated me so when he invited me over I was ify about being in his house while they weren’t home. I did all that I could just to be accepted by them, nothing worked, so I really didn’t have nothing to lose! So I thought.

I walk in and it was straight out of the fucking movies. Trail of rose petals leading down the stairs, into his bedroom, scattered across the WATERBED! Candles lit, and the cheesy fucking music playing. My heart starts to pump out of control; I’m freaking the fuck out. I want to run.

I don’t. I loved this guy and he’s been good to me. Hell he’s the quarterback of the football team! No, I’m not the cheerleader bitch. I’m the “why is he with THAT girl?”

As paranoid as I am, I go with it anyway.

Interesting first time let alone experiencing it on a fucking waterbed. I can’t seem to concentrate on him or the romantic music because right by my head is the water swooshing back and forth….back and forth. The blankets start to creep so now not only do I hear nothing but the water, heavy breathing, my back is now against the cold ass bed. It lasted an entire 3-4min tops. I couldn’t help but think “is that IT?” This is what my friends have been doing for years now! WOW.

Aside from the pain I wasn’t told about the blood!  So what do I do…FREAK! It’s everywhere! The condom looks like it was dipped in cherry pie, the blankets are a mess, and poor ME! I swear I thought I was going to die, and it was his fault.  Of course he asks if I’m okay, but I can see the look on his face that he is pleased with the outcome. Bastard.

Over all “IT” was the best thing to happen to me, after that I was no longer the virgin of the group, I now understood all the jokes. I wasn’t like the rest of my friends either; I actually had a “good” experience according to them. It wasn’t in the backseat of a car.

If I knew it would only take a few minutes out of my life I probably would have had sex sooner, BUT I would have had to trade the experience for a shittier one. No thanks. I will keep the cold waterbed, swooshing water, and bloody aftermath. Best thing to happen to any 16 year old girl right.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wicked Wednesday ~ Public Sex Edition

Hey there bitches, sluts and whores!

Public Sex.

I want to read about it.

Make me happy and link up!

And guess.... Is mine fiction or not?

One Crazy Brunette Chick

Perfect weather for a mini skirt and tank. Which is just how she was dressed walking into the 11:00pm showing of "The Incredibles".

They bought their tickets and walked in. 1st stop was for popcorn and drinks. "I'll be right back." she said as he paid the cashier. She leaned her head back for a kiss. He smiled as he leaned down to press his lips against hers. She turned toward the restroom and glanced over her shoulder. He was still smiling.

Stepping into a stall, she lifted her skirt and slid her pink lace panties down her legs. Running a finger down her slit, she tucked the panties into her purse. Licking her finger, she stepped back into the lobby and found him waiting. They walked into the show a few minutes after the previews started.

They sat in the middle seats. Not that the seats were limited. No one was there except them. He slid his arm around her as she reached into her purse. "Here." she whispered. She pressed a ball into his hand, and put her hand on his thigh. He opened his a..hand and her panties unrolled in his hand. "Now do you see why we had to see THIS movie?" she asked as she ran her hand up to cup his dick.
As she spread her legs, the thin material of her skirt creeped up her thighs. Reaching over, she took his hand and guided it to her leg. "Lets have some fun, baby." she purred into his ear. He started walking his fingers up her thigh as the movie started.

His fingertip brushed lightly against her bare pussy. She clenched her muscles and groaned. He pressed his finger against her clit and started tracing small circles on it. She had his pants unzipped and was taking his dick out by then. Turning in her seat, she placed her knees in it, and leaned forward. Taking his dick in her mouth, she slid her hand between her legs. slid her finger into herself, and then reached up rubbing her juices on his lips.
He reached over her and found her pussy dripping. Her clit was as hard as a rock. She was thrusting her hips forward and back, trying to get him to fuck her with his finger while she continued to suck him, but he had other plans.

Running his fingers up her back, he wrapped them in her hair and pulled her head up. Pushing her back into her seat, he placed her ankles on the back of the seat in front of her and slipped onto the floor between them. His left arm wrapped around her leg so her could work her clit with his thumb. His tongue went deep in her hole.

She couldn't stop her hips from moving, so she was rolling them up and down in time with his movements. His tongue traced her asshole a few times and she exploded on his face. "Your turn." She moaned as she pulled him to his seat.

Sitting on his lap, she faced the movie screen. Sliding his dick up and down her slit to lube it up. Pressing her ass down, he slid into her pulsing pussy. His hands rubbing her nipples through her thin tank top. Her pussy clamped down on him, milking out his cum.
They could see themselves on the screen. Little did they know so could the film attendant in the booth.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Beach Edition

So how is everyone on this fine Tuesday? You know what I want right now? I want to go to the beach. I want to put on my swimsuit, slather myself in coconut tanning oil and lay in the sun all day. Of course I'm having to delay that little trip til late next month, but there are still a few things that just put me in the beach mood. So here are the Top Ten Things that can make me feel like I'm closer to the beach.

10. A Tan. I fully intend to hit the tanning bed this week. Go ahead, warn away, I won't listen. I love a good tan, and I only indulge in the tanning bed once a year. Let's face it, I'm not taking this blinding white ass on the beach to stand out like a sore thumb. Nope, not gonna do it.

9. New tattoos. Don't ask why because I am not sure, but I seem to get my tattoos during beach season. Maybe because I show them off more? I don't know. I'm getting a new one next month! Yay!

8. Those white shell necklaces. You guys know what I'm talking about? Like this-->
When I was in High School I bought a new one each year.

7. Riding with the windows down. I love to blare my music with the windows down and the wind messing with my hair. You can only do it in the summer and I love it!

6. Carolina Beach Music! Who doesn't love to shag? It's easy it's fun, and no matter who you are you just can't hate it!

5. Drinks with little Umbrellas. I love my liquor sweet with a cherry and an umbrella. It just feels like summertime.

4. Hammocks. I used to live in a place and we had a nice big hammock in the back yard. We lived near a creek so you could literally nap and hear the water flowing. It was awesome!! I miss the hammock.

3. New Sunglasses. The kind that cover half my face. I love Sunglasses!

2. Straw Cowboy Hats! I so wish I had a pic on this computer of my straw cowboy hat. It's my must-have beach  accessory. I guess big floppy hats fall into this category too :)

1. Coconut Oil. I am currently using coconut shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lip balm all because the smell of coconut makes me think of the beach and of summer. (i.e. it makes me happy)

How about you? Do you love the beach as much as I do? What makes you feel like it's actually summer time? Don't forget to comment to enter Jenny's giveaway this week!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Week Of Comments.... GIVEAWAY!!

Hey there all my bad girl bitches!

Last week seemed to go so well,
that I thought I would throw another giveaway to you.


I'm not gonna tell you what the prize is!
[It's a surprise!]
Yeah. I know. I'm a bitch.

Each comment left on a post this week,
will count as an entry.
Link ups will count as an extra entry.

To get more Bad Girls flowing 'round here,
each Featured Bad Girl post
that is emailed to
will get yet another entry!!

Tomorrow, we will have a Top Ten
Wednesday, as normal, we will do Wet and Wicked Wednesday
Thursday, we will have a guest post from a TRUE Bad Girl
Friday, the winner and her [or his] prize package will be announced.

I promise, y'all. The prize pack is gonna be INSANE!
[Like at least $50 value.]

Talk to you bitches later!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

And the winner is....

True Pleasures!
You won the giveaway with your Wicked Wednesday Post!
I'll e-mail you shortly to get your mailing address.

So it's Friday Ladies!! I hope everyone has a good weekend! How did you like the comment giveaway idea? Obviously I can't do it every week but would you be interested in seeing these types of things more often?

As for a link up, who would be interested in a Bad Girl Friday Follow? I just want to get a little feedback. This is a community site so don't hold back from telling us what you would like to see!

Don't forget to send in those Guest Posts if you'd like to be a Featured Bad Girl!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost the Weekend

I don't know about you all, but I'm about done with this week. I'm ready for Friday at 5:00 because I need a break. I was looking for a fun video to get us ready for the weekend and do you realize how many songs there are out there about the weekend? One site had about 45, and just as many more that were just about Friday! It wasn't a complete list either because that crazy song by Rebecca Black wasn't on there.

Speaking of Rebecca Black, have you seen the new Katy Perry video? It's like playing spot the celebs. Not as much as Jamie Foxx's Blame it, but it's fun.
So how about you all? Big plans for your weekend? Favorite song about that longed for weekend? 

Today is the last day to get all your comments in for the drawing! I'll announce the winner tomorrow :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wet and Wicked Wednesday!

One Crazy Brunette Chick

 Damn it's getting hot! All I can think about is sinking into a cold pool, and I don't have one around here! So It's Wicked Wednesday and to keep us all in a cooler frame of mind let's get some wet and wicked stories going. Skinny dipping? Sex in the lake? Making out in the rain? I'll take whatever you got. Just take the badge and post your wicked story then link-up! It's that easy! 

Comments are still entries but link-ups will count for 3 entries for the Kissa Glass Vibrator!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Ten White Lies

I have to say I consider myself an honest person, probably to a fault sometimes. I believe in telling it like it is and letting the cards fall as they may. However, even I fall prey to the little white lies we all tell to make ourselves a) feel better b) look better or c) get what we want.

So here are the Top Ten White Lies:

10. "Sure, that makes sense." Yeah, we say it all the time when we really think that whoever we are talking to is crazy. I tend to use it at work followed with, "but if it's ok, can I do it this way?"

9. "I left your present at home! I'll bring it to you (tomorrow/next week/whenever you will see them again)." I've done it. I flat forgot to pick up the perfect gift I'd planned so I lied and said I'd left it at home. Don't tell me you haven't!

8. "I just threw this on." Or some variation of it. Basically someone compliments you and you downplay the effort you put into looking good. Cause you want everyone to think you wake up looking like a goddess.... I mean, I do.

7. "I feel bad for her though."  is what we say about that girl that we really can't stand, but we have to throw the sympathy in so we don't feel like horrible people for simply hating them.

6. The question is, "Have you lost some weight?" The lie is, " A little." I mean really, I could've gained weight, but if you're giving me a compliment, I'll claim it!

5. "It's not that I can't afford it. I just can't see spending that much money on a purse!" I've said it before, and I hear it all the time. The truth is if I DID have the money that bag (or sunglasses, or jewelry) would be mine! this is one that makes us feel better.

4. "I'm on my way." Bitch please. You're still putting your make-up on and you haven't fixed your hair yet. This is a pre-cursor to the #1 white lie.

3. "You didn't get my e-mail/text? I know I sent it to you." Nah, you forgot someone, and you're busted. It's easier to blame technology though.

2. "You remember I told you about that." Usually a lie we tell our mothers or SOs. We get important info and forget to pass it along so we tell them that we already told them, as we tell them.

1. "Sorry I'm late, traffic was a bitch." Yeah, I'm not admitting that I overslept and preferred being late to letting my hair look a hot mess all day.

Do any of these sound familiar? What lies do you tend to tell?

Don't forget comments get you entries into the giveaway for a Kissa Glass Vibrator!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Come back! I have goodies!

It seems that life has just gotten too crazy for everyone lately! So to bring us all back around I'm gonna give away a Kissa Glass Vibrator to one lucky commenter. One comment per post (starting today and running through Thursday) will count towards the drawing this week. I'll announce a winner Friday.

Stay tuned for a Top Ten and Wicked Wednesday this week :) And consider this a call for Guest Posts! To be a featured Bad Girl all you have to do is write an original post for Bad Girl Bloggers and e-mail it to us! We will link it to you and you can claim the super awesome badge for your blog!

So to get the conversation started, tell me how many times you've had sex in the past week! ;)

Summertime means dresses, and boy do I love dresses! They make me feel frisky, so I get busy more often it seems. Of course this week I've been on antibiotics so we've been limiting ourselves. D doesn't need a baby right now. So for me it's just 2 this past week.

Moms, do the summers change things for you since you have kids home all day?

Talk to me, let's give something away :)