Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday- Bad Girl Playlist

These are the songs that get our blood pumpin' and really make us embrace being the bad girls that we are... It doesn't matter if you love or hate these songs or the bitches who sing them, because they rock balls. The Bad Bitch and I both chose 5 of our favorites and you love it whores!

Beyonce- "Diva"

This one is for the girls that like to shake it on the dance floor. The bass in this song is ridiculous and when this song comes on in the club, there is no stopping me from getting out there and rockin' that slow, steady grind on a fine man. And we all know that Beyonce, whether we love her or hate her, is a fuckin' Diva and is dammmnnnn good at it. Go watch the video, it's fuckin' hot.

Miranda Lambert- "Kerosene"
Names the Bad Girl of country music with her break out song 'Kerosene'... AHEM, when I was in High School... Fuck you bitches, this is Kansas! We rock cowboy boots (in my case-stilettos), crank up the country music and two-step until our fucking backs hurts. I fucking love this song hooker! Go listen to it, even if you HATE country music, you will love this goddamn song! Video 

Keri Hilson- "Turnin' Me On"

Ms. Hilson tells it like it is on her debut single featuring Lil' Wayne (Free Weezy!). Every time thins song comes on in my car, i can't help but feel sexy while singing the versus. Lil Wayne's rap details satisfying his woman and refers to the vagina as a "piranha" which is awesome. Video! 

Pink- "You and Your Hand"
We're here to dance, drink and talk shit- NOT for you to play grab ass with. I love it because it tells it just like it is- YES, I look fucking fantastically fuckable... but YOU couldn't touch me with someone elses cock right now. Video

Katy Perry- "I Kissed A Girl"
And she fuckin' liked it. This song made "experimenting" acceptable and now you can hear this song being butchered at karaoke bars everywhere! Why? because girls like kissing girls! Finally, we are no longer ashamed of that one time at college, or those five times in college... or last week- "ain't no big deal, it's innocent"- Perry.

The Runaways- "Cherry Bomb"
Um win. While I may not have been around to enjoy this song when it was released... I can rock the shit out of it now! Seriously, I don't know if it gets any better than when she starts belting out 'CHERRY BOMB! CHERRY BOMB!' This song rocks my balls, so like it hoes! Video

Lady Gaga- "Poker Face"
Gaga made it okay for all ladies to get it on with a boy while thinkin' about a girl- it doesn't get any more complicated than that, huh? Anyway, its a great song to perform a striptease for your man or woman! And come on, any song that metaphors sex with a card game is the shit.

Buckcherry- "Crazy Bitch"
Yes, as a matter of fucking FACT, this is my theme song sluts. Chicks are FUCKED up, we fucking know it and we kick the shit out of "crazy bitch". I'm not ashamed to be a psycho chick... Are you? Video

Amy Winehouse- "Rehab"
No, No, No... Fuck that! Rehab is for quitters! Amy is so badass that she ended up with her ass in jail, and then forced to go to rehab, oops! Regardless, its a great song about giving the middle finger to anyone who tries to change your bad girl ways.
Pussycat Dolls- "Don't Cha"  
Need I say more? Bitches WANT to be us, they hate us- because the HAVE to... Why? It's very simple, because their fucking boyfriend keeps eye-fucking us. If they are lucky we take them in the bathroom and show them how Bad Girls do it... The chick or the Dude? Refer to Ms. Perry baby.


  1. hell Yea!! I <3 Kerosene. That video rules.. All these were simply perfect choices. Thanks for helping me add more songs to my playlist.

  2. I am not ashamed that I love some country music, and Miranda Lambert KICKS ASS, I LOVE her!

    And no 'Stripper Songs' Mixed CD is complete without Buck Cherry :)

  3. Cherry Bomb! Good call Bad Brunette!
    love this shit!

  4. I know right bitches??? We know how to rock that shit!

  5. Great fucking songs. And I can rock the shit out of Rehab at karaoke!

  6. Wow, I'm surprised you guys didn't choose that bitch who brushes her teeth with whiskey in the morn, then goes out and parties some more. Kesha or whatever. LOL

    I think I would also have to add Lords of Acid - Pussy, (and I'm bringing it back fucking old school style) Adina Howard - Freak Like Me, SWV - Can We Get Freaky Tonight, Salt n Pepa - Push It.

  7. Love Kerosene! that has to be my Fav out of the List anything country is all me. [Why I have No Idea No one else in My Fam likes it Oh well!]Thats Just me!

  8. I would totally add Tweet's Oops (Oh My) to that list :D