Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad Girls Aren’t Born, They're Created.

I never understood throughout my school career what the point was in being well-behaved. I was never attracted to it at all. Where is the fun in not drinking, smoking, partying, hooking-up, talking shit, and everything else that comes in between? Oh sure being a Bad Girl had some minor consequences every now and then...Your a constantly the topic of various rumors circumventing your school or social crew, youre no stranger to a killer hangover, and you have to make your tri-monthly appointment for the gyno- just to be safe. But being a bad girl by drinking my face off, fuckin’ around, and doing things that would make most people blush has made it possible for me to do what I love to do- and that is to tell a GREAT FUCKIN’ STORY!

That’s the gal who is the life of any party is the one who can recall her most insane moments and deliver it in such a way that people are hanging on her every word. Sure you will get your stuck-up bitches who will saunter away from your story-time just to whisper to another that you are in fact an attention-seeking skank whore- but who gives a fuck? Guarantee that bitch is going home alone to brush her hair and discuss further with her parents how much of a goddamn angel she is. While, ME- well, I’m going to drink til 4 am and make-out with at least three people- and then I will spend the ENTIRE next day on my couch watching Varsity Blues on TBS and chatting up my other bitches to see if we can collectively piece the night back together.

And all of that is happening with a smile on my face, why? because a love it! To me being a bad girl is the only way to let loose and not give a fuck about what anyone else thinks of you. And I have a feeling if you found your way to this blog that you feel similarly.
In other words- I am so pumped for this community of Bad Ass Chicks. With the three Admin Bad Girls we got- this is bound to be fuckin’ amazing.
So thanks for joining us bitches.

-The Bad Bitch.

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  1. hehe i just put the link up on my site!!!
    and yeah yeah i'm working on a mouthy mamas hop to blog hop for NON FAMILY FRIENDLY blogs!! i'll let all you bad asses know when it's up!!!
    this is awesome mamas!!!

  2. I am loving this! I can't wait to see, and hear from, all the bad girls!

  3. all you bad ass bitches are going to rock my world.

  4. Love it! I am definitely looking forward to reading more posts! Putting your button up now.

  5. People always ask me why I'm not ashamed of the way I behave...

    Well, because I just don't give a fuck.

    I have fun, I remember EVENTUALLY... and then I usually pretend not to know what your talking about...

    No... that wasn't ME on the bar... in my red panties... with that chick...


    God we would rock the fuckin bar everyyyyy nightttttttt

  7. CB hit on the key to being a successful Bad Girl (or Bad Boy, for that matter.)

    If you don't give a shit about what anyone has to say about you, then gossip and backbiting holds no power over you. Fuck'em!

    Go for it, Girls...

  8. Guilty- I fucking know right????

    Bluz- Awww, I think you may be the only man who understands me!!!

  9. i have a problem too... I've had three schools in my lifetime. and no matter how i try to go to a different school and start a new "life" or new reputation ... i always end up having atleast SOME PEOPLE WHO I'M how do you say that... "enemies" with.

    i cant help it!

    i always run to my bestfriend in elementary (who was my partner in crime making fun of other people we don't like)

    and I always tell her "i gained another enemy today" ...

    even upto COLLEGE. I cant just HELP myself! i know we're supposed to be "mature" .. lol

    but there was always a scene or an issue that I'm the one starting it. I would always influence my classmates and other friends to leave that "girl" alone and she ends up having no friends and is forced to be with other isolated people...

    Even after college...

    I guess im just THAT Frank with my self lol.. that I dont wanna force myself to "like" someone. and what's worst is that I actually SHOW them that hey "i dont like you, I'm not going to even try" ...

  10. "Skank"! HA!

    I used that in my post for today before reading yours.