Friday, September 10, 2010

Wanna Be Bad?

Alright, so the first couple of parties to join will know this little anecdote that inspired me to start up this collective blog spot, but to let everyone else in on what happened, here it goes...

I was looking at one of those 'blog follow days' on another blog and I was ready to sign-up my site (Guilty of Gossip) and then I saw this little disclaimer, "only family friendly blogs please"
Which my site tends not to be family friendly at all times, nor do I wish it was...
My first reaction was how rude of them to exclude us "adult blogs" (for lack of a better word) and no, not all of us are X-rated or anything- but we just choose to talk about things relative to our lives right now and for me those things are: men, sex, alcohol, relationships, sex, and sometimes being a regular hard ass, oh and sex...
If you subscribe to any or all of the above mentioned topics, then please join in as a contributor or just follow this blog to get a dose of our reality!

We want this to be a kick-ass community spot for all the bad girls to say what they wanna say- so please email me or any of the contributors to suggest an idea!


  1. Happy to be following this bad ass blog! :)

  2. Totally why I started Blog Stalk Friday!!!!!! I totally need to post my story later bitch! I can't wait to get this shit going!!!

  3. I like cute things... I guess that's why i subconsciously keep on making my blog, immature than not. lol so the looks of it might not look like i'm not worthy.

    BUT ... i blog about my long distance love affair (that might include sex) oh... i guess i go under relationships category! lol :) but most of all I enjoy sharing erotic & sexy stories which are much in detail.

    it has a beware warning. coz it just might really get you horny :)

  4. where's the pic on the link girlios?!?! and i'll put it up cause you's know my ass is in!!

  5. I wish the ole ladies would do something like what you girls are doing. I feel so old.. and left out.. I'm off to get drunk and drown my sorrow.... I love this shit..

  6. Yippie! A place where people wont delete me from their blog hop (I fucking hate that shit when it happens, it's rude).

    I totally wanna be badass...wait, no I AM badass!

  7. this is a great idea!!! way to fuckin jump the par. look forward to be a part. and cb you so dont talk about sex hahahahaha

  8. Ha! I linked up to that blog hop BEFORE I read that little disclaimer, and it wouldn't let me delete it. I didn't bother to look through any of those blogs. I'm only "family friendly" once every couple of weeks, and it wasn't that day.