Thursday, September 23, 2010

MissC Spills Her Bad Girl Secrets

This weeks interviewee is none other that one of my favorite skanks EVER, MissC. Love her hoes, she totally saved my ass today because she rocks my tits like that okay? 

I grilled this little skank until she spilled all her Bad Girl ways, so here it is... Enjoy!

1. Okay bitch, I want you to tell me and all the other Bad Girls why they should go check out your amazingly hookerific Bad Girl blog right now!

How about cause I said so? No? Well it's cause I'm a good fit for everyone. There is lots of naughty goin on, I am the creator of the Wednesday Naughty List, but I do rock the mommy/housewife crown as well. I sometimes like to post poetry and short stories that I have written. And sometimes I just whine and bitch. So I'm just a little bit of everything! How can you not want to check my shit out??
Plus I like to get to know my readers. The bitches I heart the most I am friends with on FB. We love to talk shit and make each other laugh. And because of that I'm a great commenter on other people's blogs.

I don't think of myself as just being a bad girl blogger. But as being one bad ass friend you just haven't met yet! (She's a liar! Crystal is a closet whore and lucky for her those are my favorite kind!)

2. What do you think qualifies you as a Bad Girl??? (Better be good skank!)

Oh Hooker! Where to start?!
Well I am mouthy as hell. And I don't tend to have a problem telling people when they're wrong. (If you're not reading me then you're wrong btw.)
The trick with me is that I am a bad girl on the sly! I come off very sweet but The bad is boiling under the surface. For instance...I once wore vibrating panties to church!! So I have two blogs to hold all of me. The really bad girl shit is on one, and the mildly bad crap is on the other!

3. Were you ALWAYS a Bad Girl or are you recently converted?

Well that depends on who you ask. I'm gonna say that I have primarily been a bad girl. But no one knew. I'm sneaky like that! My family moved from California to a tiny town in Arkansas when I was 13 and so I went from an obedient daughter to a rebellious hellion. I snuck out at night. I fooled around with guys. I drank. I blackmailed a teacher. I dated a couple guys at one time. I dated a guy that was 6 years older than me. The whole shebang! I got married at 17 and that didn't tame me. Having my son at 20 tamed me some. But I am back to being one bad bitch!

4. What bores you more, a 'Mommy Blogger' or 'Tweet Blogs' and why bitch?

The majority of mommy blogs fucking bugs the shit out of me. Seriously. I don't want to hear about Little Darling and his beautiful shit in his stylish diaper.
If you want to bitch about your kids, then I can relate and I wanna read it. Bitching about your kids doesn't make you a bad mom. But trying to make everyone think that you and your little monsters are perfect makes you a boring ass blogger. CLICK OFF!

5. I want you to tell me and EVERY other Bad Girl here about an instance that has made you realize you are in fact a Bad Girl.

Just one????? Fuck you're gettin more than one.
So when I was 16 my friends dared me to apply for a job at hooters since I had c cup boobs already. They thought it would be a great joke! I not only applied but I got the job. And I worked there for 2 weeks before the manager figured out my real age.
When I was 18 I got a job at a sex shop. Oh yes! I sold toys, porn, sex swings, stripper clothes....Anything you can find at a sex shop I helped sell it. And I loved it.
It's become my goal to have sex in many different odd places. So far I have done the naughty in a church parking lot, while church was in session. Underneath a freeway overpass. In a vineyard. At my friend's house during her goodbye party. My friend's pool during a pool party. On the beach during the day. In a walmart parking lot. My son was conceived on a beach by a river. In a tent that I shared with my in laws. (They were sleeping!!) At an Applebees after closing time. In more than one public park.
I'll leave that at that. But I am one Naughty Bitch!!
So ya....I'm a bad girl. I hope everyone will come check me out! If nothing else...I promise to keep you entertained!!

There you go bitches! Get your asses over there, because she will totally keep your ass entertained!


  1. Are there quiet vibrating panties? Cuz I tried something similar and it sounded like a freakin plane in my pants.

  2. haha- CLICK OFF those Mommy blogs suck!

    and i just cracked up at your comment Amanda!

  3. Thanks for saving my ass bitch! Love ya!

  4. MissC is fucking great, I'm loving her shit and loving finding so many bad girls exist!!!!

  5. Fantasmic Interview!!!! LOL I loved every bit of it.

  6. You all fuckin rock!!!
    CB You know I always have your back girl!
    Boobies I lurves ya!!
    This interview was AWESOME!!!
    I want to do another one. lol

  7. Love it! Sassy girl! Now for that post about shit in a stylish diaper. Oh...were talking about kids? BC I have seen lots of adult problems. Maybe I'll save that for another day.

  8. Dear God woman..I thought I was having the sex in some crazy places..I don't feel so whorish now...I may even have to start writing in detail about how wonderful my daughter's last poop was.

  9. Momma Fargo remember...I am a CNA. I know shit in diapers and I have the nasty ass stories to prove it!!

    Donda don't you fucking dare.

  10. Oh BTW Amanda...There are some. But I think it's better to just buy a bullet and wear it like ben wa balls. Even if it doesn't get you off it'll still get you hot and bothered!!

  11. Fan-fucking-tabulous ladies!
    I'm getting tired of "family friendly only" mommy hops - yawn. So, does that mean if I post something about the best head I ever got, they'll be offended? Fuck that. :)