Thursday, November 18, 2010

Interviews with Miss!

Have you met Donda?
This is one interview you DO NOT want to miss!!

How long have you thought of yourself as a bad girl?

I can't say as I have ever thought of myself as bad...actually I am pretty fucking good!

Do people view you as a bad girl?

No,  most people just think I am fucking crazy.

Do you think you need to be a bad girl to get what you want?

When you say bad, do you mean manipulative?  Because that definitely yields results.

What's the craziest thing you would do for a hundred bucks?
I don't know where you are from but in Kentucky 100 bones is a stack of cash so there's not too much I wouldn't do.  Why what are you needing done?

What's your theme song?

Your favorite rule to break?

I don't break rules, I break bones.

A time when you shouldn't have been a bad girl?

ALL OF HIGH SCHOOL and the time I got this guy to drive me home from the bar.  I am pretty sure he thought he was getting laid up until we pulled into his drive and I barfed in his bushes.  Actually, I retract that statement.  His name was Lonnie and he was a chemist so I am pretty sure I would have killed him.

A time when you wish you had been bad?

Sometimes I think I should have said something and then the moment passes and it's too late.  That's about the only time.

Do you have a style for picking up men?

Since I am married I am way past this but here's a nugget for ya.  Back in the day there was a cute guy working at the pet shop that my friend, Monica, dragged me to.  His name was Troy and I just nonchalantly asked, "Hey baby, why doncha let me hit that?".  He did.

Most of the guys you've dated would describe you as...?

Easy?  I would say you would need to ask them for a definitive answer.

How would your BFF describe you?

Super fun!

One time that you can't believe you got away with?

The time we were all at the hotel bar and they had some really voluptuous hanging baskets at the front entrance.  Mandi and I slid the side door of the minivan while my "getaway" driver slowed enough for Mandi to hang her body outside grab the purple, flowery bitch and hand it off to me.  Door closed.  Forever branded the hanging basket bandits!

Your go to phrase when you are pissed off?

Why are you all up in my mix?!

Tell us about one crazy night you've had?

Sonuva bitch.  I am diagnosed Bipolar.  Is this a trick question?  READ THIS

What kind of blogs bore you the most?

The ones that are all business.  No personal element, why should I care?  I can get coupons out of my Sunday paper and if I want to know how wonderful (or not) the heavy duty Reynolds Wrap is I will just buy it and try it myself.

Tell us about your blog and why you blog?

My blog is random, like my brain.  My brain races, my brain gets depressed, my brain gets creative, my brain gets agitated.  My blog is a reflection of the crazy that is my life.  Also, I love TV so sometimes you will get my thoughts on the most recent news stories or if one of the assclowns' on Grey's Anatomy made me cry.