Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sex on the brain...

I tell you, these Bad Girls are a horny bunch! Top Ten Places to Have Sex! Here's what we came up with!

10. On the beach (pick a position that doesn't get sand in all the wrong places)
9. In a public restroom (Sounds fun, but I hope people are picking clean restrooms!)
8. Shower Sex!
7. Furniture sex (I got couch, chair, table. Use what you have and christen every room in the house!)
6. In the car, in a carwash (I cannot take credit for this, but it sounds super hot!)
5. ON the car, in a deserted area (Not trying to get arrested or anything)
4. In a tent while camping.
3. By the pool (Hot sun, slick with tanning oil, tasting like pina coladas... yum)
2. In a dance club, all those dark corners and heavy beats, just keep most of your clothes on ;-)
1. In a bed.... with handcuffs.... and a blindfold.... and maybe some ice ;)

What did we leave out? What's your favorite place to have sex? Or, where have you never had sex but always wanted to?


  1. Yup. I belong here. I have done every single one of those. Plus sex ON the car in a parking lot. Under a light. While the store was opened.

  2. dressing room, even if it is not full on sex you can always play ;) by the pool, ummmm i would go more for in the pool.

  3. ooo, I like the dressing room idea!

    Ikea!? Haha, I love it, brave woman!

  4. lake sex is the shit. Or river sex, just lay back :)

  5. Love the floating sex in any body of water. Also a fan of dressing room fooling around.
    at the fire station (bunk room or pool table). God I love me those firefighters!!

  6. On the toolbox in the van.
    Oral outside during an eclipse.
    Riding the driver of the car.
    Hanging onto a tree atop a steep drop-off over the Mississippi River.

    All true.

  7. Empire State Building broad daylight.. people sight seeing!

  8. Outside the car @ Cabrini Park 9 a.m. Early bird gets the worm!

  9. Let's see. I had sex on the beach with my husband on our wedding night. I've done it in a public restroom, I've done it on the furniture and in the shower, in a tent and on the bed (handcuffed and blindfolded.)

    So, now I've got to try in a carwash, on the car, in a dance club and by the pool.

    I've always wanted to have sex in an abondoned buidling. I know it's weird, my husband thinks so too.

    Oh! And check out this post, 100 Places to Do the Dirty

  10. I'm in heaven... :) I've done most of these (long, long ago in a land far, far away). Honestly, though my favorite is when there's just a bit of an edge of getting caught (but we probably won't be, otherwise I'm worrying instead of enjoying). Another favorite of mine, in a state park, by the lake, at night, on a picnic table. We could hear people, but they were far enough away that we probably wouldn't be seen. But the fact is, I <3 sex, so I'll take it any way I can get it (from Hubby, of course). :D