Friday, November 5, 2010

Tattoo Contest! Round One

Okay Everyone, its time to vote for the best bad girl tattoo!!
Leave a comment below this post with a vote for your favorite tattoo of the day!
The finalists from each round will go against each other- so if you don't see your tat up here today, don't worry, it will be up during another round next week!
If you wanna grab the hot new button "Show me Yours..." grab it from our sidebar!

Round One- Ding Ding!





Alright bitches- get your vote on! And if you missed the chance to enter- go ahead and email and we'll see what we can do to get you entered!


  1. dang, only the first photo is showing up. I'll try back later

  2. yep I only see one too thought I was still drunk ;)

  3. okaayyy apparently i was wasted when i put this up- lol, will fix ASAP!

  4. I only see one....but I have been drinking pretty much all day

  5. Still only one...but I plan on going out and drinking heavily! I too will check back later!

  6. Is this your way of ensuring that Pic #1 wins?

  7. ahhh! technical difficulties ladies! im no good at this html shit- whenever i preview it - it shows me all three! booo blogger.