Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interviewing the Naughty Mommy!

Hello Lovers! Miss here...Bringing you another Bad Girl to get to know and check out!


How long have you thought of yourself as a bad girl?

 Probably since I was a teenager. My friends used to say that I was screwed because heaven wouldn't want me and hell would be afraid I'd take over.

Do people view you as a bad girl? 

Nope I'm a good girl until you get to really know me

Do you think you need to be a bad girl to get what you want?  

Not really, it just more fun when I am

What's the craziest thing you would do for a hundred bucks?  

I don't know a hundred bucks is kinda cheap

What's your theme song?  

I don't really have one but I've always like witchy woman

Your favorite rule to break? 

I don't know there are so many.

A time when you shouldn't have been a bad girl?

Probably the time I screwed with hubs in my aunts backyard.

A time when you wish you had been bad? 

My 3rd date with an ex, there was promise but it didn't happen.

Do you have a style for picking up men? 

Nope, apparently I'm a natural flirt and don't even realize I'm doing it

Most of the guys you've dated would describe you as...? 

Sweet, unless you talk to hubs then I'm the five headed dragon queen of darkness

How would your BFF describe you? 

I don't have a BFF, I only have a few friend in "real life" other than that I have a couple people online I might call friends. 

One time that you can't believe you got away with?  

Probably having sex w/ hubs in my aunts backyard

Your go to phrase when you are pissed off? 

God Damn it! or Fuck!

Tell us about one crazy night you've had? 

Probably the bachlorette party where we had to leave the bar after a guy kept harassing me. Even though I told him I was married and told him to fuck off. 

What kind of blogs bore you the most? 

Uber Christian Mommy Blogs

Tell us about your blog and why you blog? 

 Technically I have 3 blogs now, I guess I'm a bit of a blogging addict. I started to review stuff get free crap and vent but it's sort of snowballed adding my writing love of books and other hobbies. I enjoy the blogging friendships I've discovered and of course all the great stuff I've gotten by blogging. 


  1. I cannot stand the fundamentalist Christian blogs either! Well, really any overly religious blogs.

  2. Nanny rocks my socks off!!

  3. Ange I probably pissed off some with that answer, but it's true.

    D. & EnVii- Thanks

  4. Nanny is one kick ass bad girl! Great interview!