Thursday, June 30, 2011

Talk to Me Thursday: Lady Estrogen

We're going to start a new little feature called "Talk to me Thursday" where we will ask "Bad Girls" to fill in the answers on our little questionnaire so we can get to know each other better. If you're interested in being featured just e-mail us and we will get you on the list!

This week we are talking with Lady Estrogen. you might remember her guest post from January.

Adventures in Estrogen
1. What makes you a Bad Girl? 
The list is so long, I had to start a blog about it; you may have heard of it. hehe. The book is on its way!

2. What would you say is your theme song? 
Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle by Machine Gun Fellatio ( It's so funky and rough. I love it! It better be played at my funeral, is all I'm saying.

3. Where is the baddest place you have ever had sex?
In the tall brush on the edge of a beach - midday - with families on the beach just a few feet away. My boyfriend had to keep his hand firmly over my mouth.

4. What are your top 3 picks for sex positions? 
A. Doggie-style, by far, then B. Missionary, with him holding my ankles up high in the air, and C. Reverse scissors or spoon fucking. I'm not good with official terms, I'll just putting that designation out there.  

5. Why did you start blogging? 
I had so many weird stories and thoughts I wanted to write out before I started to forget them - which I'm sure will be happening any day now.

6. What do you do when you are not blogging?
Design; chase around toddlers; slowly lose my mind... and think about what to blog next. I have a husband around somewhere, but I forgot where I put him last.

7. Who is your favorite Bad Girl in history? Why?
Lady Godiva. She rode naked on a horse to protest her own husband's harsh taxes... in the 11th century! That is so bad ass; she's my hero. 

8. Can you describe a Bad Girl moment you have had? 
I once went on a kids' jungle gym with my boyfriend after a night out and had sex on the enclosed platform area while his mother was waiting for us in the parking lot... she was early. Oops!

9. Thongs, hipsters or none? 
Hipsters, definitely. I can't stand the feeling of material wedged up my crack; I don't care how sexy it's suppose to be, that shit just ain't worth it.

10. Can you suggest a Bad Girl to us? Why her?
Saucy B! Because she really is saucy & she rocks my tits!


  1. Yeah!! Good times :) Thanks for having me over, D!

  2. Cheers for hipsters! Guy's POV, they're sexier than thongs.

  3. That song is just totally kick ass! Thank you for the introduction to it! If you don't like your butt munchin on the undies...toss them completely. Let freedom ring! :o)

    Loved it!

  4. I was wondering what that white stuff was at my kids play place. Totallymakes sense. Lmao.

    Thanks for showing us how it's done!

  5. I don't wear undies at all except for one time a month and i hate it then. Woohoo to sex on the playgr9ound and the beach although I hate sex on the beach ya get sandy crack

  6. What a wild-ass to start this off. Totally appropriate. I think Saucy will be great too, she better get her ass over here. And I like hipsters too. Especially after the tummy tuck... oh yeah....hides the scar and shows off the tum.

    Great post LE.

  7. @singedwingangel
    Oh, I hear ya - I'm not a fan of the sand up the butt either - this was on nice long grass - minimal crack-sandage ;)

  8. oh girl you rock. thanks for the mention. I have long considered myself a nice girl who likes to do bad things. ;-)

  9. I'm so glad this sight is posting again!! Yay!!

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