Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wicked Wednesday ~ Public Sex Edition

Hey there bitches, sluts and whores!

Public Sex.

I want to read about it.

Make me happy and link up!

And guess.... Is mine fiction or not?

One Crazy Brunette Chick

Perfect weather for a mini skirt and tank. Which is just how she was dressed walking into the 11:00pm showing of "The Incredibles".

They bought their tickets and walked in. 1st stop was for popcorn and drinks. "I'll be right back." she said as he paid the cashier. She leaned her head back for a kiss. He smiled as he leaned down to press his lips against hers. She turned toward the restroom and glanced over her shoulder. He was still smiling.

Stepping into a stall, she lifted her skirt and slid her pink lace panties down her legs. Running a finger down her slit, she tucked the panties into her purse. Licking her finger, she stepped back into the lobby and found him waiting. They walked into the show a few minutes after the previews started.

They sat in the middle seats. Not that the seats were limited. No one was there except them. He slid his arm around her as she reached into her purse. "Here." she whispered. She pressed a ball into his hand, and put her hand on his thigh. He opened his a..hand and her panties unrolled in his hand. "Now do you see why we had to see THIS movie?" she asked as she ran her hand up to cup his dick.
As she spread her legs, the thin material of her skirt creeped up her thighs. Reaching over, she took his hand and guided it to her leg. "Lets have some fun, baby." she purred into his ear. He started walking his fingers up her thigh as the movie started.

His fingertip brushed lightly against her bare pussy. She clenched her muscles and groaned. He pressed his finger against her clit and started tracing small circles on it. She had his pants unzipped and was taking his dick out by then. Turning in her seat, she placed her knees in it, and leaned forward. Taking his dick in her mouth, she slid her hand between her legs. slid her finger into herself, and then reached up rubbing her juices on his lips.
He reached over her and found her pussy dripping. Her clit was as hard as a rock. She was thrusting her hips forward and back, trying to get him to fuck her with his finger while she continued to suck him, but he had other plans.

Running his fingers up her back, he wrapped them in her hair and pulled her head up. Pushing her back into her seat, he placed her ankles on the back of the seat in front of her and slipped onto the floor between them. His left arm wrapped around her leg so her could work her clit with his thumb. His tongue went deep in her hole.

She couldn't stop her hips from moving, so she was rolling them up and down in time with his movements. His tongue traced her asshole a few times and she exploded on his face. "Your turn." She moaned as she pulled him to his seat.

Sitting on his lap, she faced the movie screen. Sliding his dick up and down her slit to lube it up. Pressing her ass down, he slid into her pulsing pussy. His hands rubbing her nipples through her thin tank top. Her pussy clamped down on him, milking out his cum.
They could see themselves on the screen. Little did they know so could the film attendant in the booth.


  1. I feel like maybe it's not true? Then again, I definitely believe you would do it! So who knows ;)

  2. Damn I am thinking true.. and something I need to try out lol..

  3. I kind of want to say not true because I don't know if anyone is that brave. But if it is true Holy Shit that's awesome!! Haha

  4. That was hawt, baby!!! Yeowza :)

    I must be getting old though - I could hardly see the red text. ACK.

  5. Definitely a hot time. Could it happen...oh yeah. Is this a true story? Hmmmm I think so.

  6. Hmmm.... Something tells me, maybe it's not true. If I was going to post a story and ask fact or fiction, I'd probably put up one that very well could be real but isn't just to fool everyone. That's just my trouble-maker side, though :p

  7. I call true story. I feel like you wouldn't come up with The Incredibles on your own unless it was real :)

  8. Alas.... It is a TRUE story!! Best. Movie. Ever.

  9. Can we link up a story we used before? If it was a long time ago?

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