Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Ten White Lies

I have to say I consider myself an honest person, probably to a fault sometimes. I believe in telling it like it is and letting the cards fall as they may. However, even I fall prey to the little white lies we all tell to make ourselves a) feel better b) look better or c) get what we want.

So here are the Top Ten White Lies:

10. "Sure, that makes sense." Yeah, we say it all the time when we really think that whoever we are talking to is crazy. I tend to use it at work followed with, "but if it's ok, can I do it this way?"

9. "I left your present at home! I'll bring it to you (tomorrow/next week/whenever you will see them again)." I've done it. I flat forgot to pick up the perfect gift I'd planned so I lied and said I'd left it at home. Don't tell me you haven't!

8. "I just threw this on." Or some variation of it. Basically someone compliments you and you downplay the effort you put into looking good. Cause you want everyone to think you wake up looking like a goddess.... I mean, I do.

7. "I feel bad for her though."  is what we say about that girl that we really can't stand, but we have to throw the sympathy in so we don't feel like horrible people for simply hating them.

6. The question is, "Have you lost some weight?" The lie is, " A little." I mean really, I could've gained weight, but if you're giving me a compliment, I'll claim it!

5. "It's not that I can't afford it. I just can't see spending that much money on a purse!" I've said it before, and I hear it all the time. The truth is if I DID have the money that bag (or sunglasses, or jewelry) would be mine! this is one that makes us feel better.

4. "I'm on my way." Bitch please. You're still putting your make-up on and you haven't fixed your hair yet. This is a pre-cursor to the #1 white lie.

3. "You didn't get my e-mail/text? I know I sent it to you." Nah, you forgot someone, and you're busted. It's easier to blame technology though.

2. "You remember I told you about that." Usually a lie we tell our mothers or SOs. We get important info and forget to pass it along so we tell them that we already told them, as we tell them.

1. "Sorry I'm late, traffic was a bitch." Yeah, I'm not admitting that I overslept and preferred being late to letting my hair look a hot mess all day.

Do any of these sound familiar? What lies do you tend to tell?

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  1. "I've has this forever." I say it when I buy something and don't tell The Man.

  2. "You look GREAT in that". What I really mean is that you look like shit, but you make ME look great by wearing what you have on.

  3. IO have to admit I claim some of those. My SO enjoyed me reading these to him too. Thanks

    Geekslady (at) Gmail. Com


  5. I've used some of those especially the weight loss one and a few others like going along with someone's ideas. It's a great list and very true.

  6. Eek! I use all of these or have at least once. Is that bad?! Oh well

  7. Thanks Ladies! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I think the little white lies are what get us through sometimes!