Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Week Of Comments.... GIVEAWAY!!

Hey there all my bad girl bitches!

Last week seemed to go so well,
that I thought I would throw another giveaway to you.


I'm not gonna tell you what the prize is!
[It's a surprise!]
Yeah. I know. I'm a bitch.

Each comment left on a post this week,
will count as an entry.
Link ups will count as an extra entry.

To get more Bad Girls flowing 'round here,
each Featured Bad Girl post
that is emailed to
will get yet another entry!!

Tomorrow, we will have a Top Ten
Wednesday, as normal, we will do Wet and Wicked Wednesday
Thursday, we will have a guest post from a TRUE Bad Girl
Friday, the winner and her [or his] prize package will be announced.

I promise, y'all. The prize pack is gonna be INSANE!
[Like at least $50 value.]

Talk to you bitches later!!