Monday, June 13, 2011

Come back! I have goodies!

It seems that life has just gotten too crazy for everyone lately! So to bring us all back around I'm gonna give away a Kissa Glass Vibrator to one lucky commenter. One comment per post (starting today and running through Thursday) will count towards the drawing this week. I'll announce a winner Friday.

Stay tuned for a Top Ten and Wicked Wednesday this week :) And consider this a call for Guest Posts! To be a featured Bad Girl all you have to do is write an original post for Bad Girl Bloggers and e-mail it to us! We will link it to you and you can claim the super awesome badge for your blog!

So to get the conversation started, tell me how many times you've had sex in the past week! ;)

Summertime means dresses, and boy do I love dresses! They make me feel frisky, so I get busy more often it seems. Of course this week I've been on antibiotics so we've been limiting ourselves. D doesn't need a baby right now. So for me it's just 2 this past week.

Moms, do the summers change things for you since you have kids home all day?

Talk to me, let's give something away :)


  1. Ummmm well i was away from the man for a week and got home but when I got home we did make time for 3 to 4 live sessions. Lol

    We never let kids get in the way before so summer doesn't really affect us.

  2. I had sex twelve time this week! Uh, does it count if I was by my damn self?

  3. Welcome back! I missed my weekly debauchery ;-)

  4. SB- I hadn't seen you lately! Where have you been?!

    CAT- 12 times!! Lol, sure, why wouldn't solo count? It's an orgasm. right? ;)

    Thanks Bitty ;)

  5. I LOVE summer dresses too! They are the best cause I hate panties/underwear and it makes access so much easier. Hmm....Its only Monday so when do we start our count for 'this week'? Irishman and I have a very healthy - every spare second - relationship :o) I love it! and him of course

  6. 4 times.
    Oh, mean with my wife??
    aaa Once.

    Ok, not all her fault. Oldest daughter graduated from HS, so much party planning and family involved....

  7. Oh Oh OH pick me pick ME!

    This past week as in starting Sunday? OR 7 days back from today? I will have to go least 7. =) My SO is so very good to me.

  8. 5 times! It was solo since SO is away.

  9. I think the rules can be going back 7 days :) I'm noticing that the solo numbers are higher! Why is it that when we're alone we tend to go at it more often?

  10. yes, welcome back. And unfortunately, No on the sex. Hubs is out of state and I'm in desert mode for sex. I feel like a nun. Don't want none, don't get none.

  11. 3 times this week so far...

    But it's only Tuesday.

    New reader to this blog and I've got to say I'm loving it and would love to win!

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