Monday, January 10, 2011

Lady Estrogen's Pleasurable Experience

Hold onto your pants cause today we have Lady Estrogen guest posting for us! Check out her site and never-ending supply of awesome stories.

Adventures in Estrogen

One of the guys that we hung around with on campus reeked of ‘coolness’. He was brown and yummy – but completely not my type. For starters, he was a tiny guy – like I could snap him in half if I tried to ride him like a bronco. He had a strong jaw line and soft round lips; he was definitely attractive and I always loved to appreciate boys of beauty, even if I couldn’t picture myself actually screwing them.

He was fully aware of his own cuteness factor, there was no doubt. His flirting angle was the ‘cuddly baby bear’ move and he would give out hugs left, right and center – hugs that were accompanied by ‘fuck me’ eye pouts and pursed, moist lips. Some nights he would cuddle up to me on the couch like he was my pet, my sexy, sexy pet – but it was still completely, 100% plutonic – not even a whiff of sexual tension existed between us.

One night we had taken to our individual rooms to study before exams begun. He came over for a visit, not just with me, but the entire house of us girls. He was like the non-threatening fox to our hen house. He came into my room and sat on my bed; he could see that I was stressed.

“Come over here. I have the wickedest hand massage technique I can do for you. Not only will it help you relax, but it’s been known to make some women climax!” He grinned and raised his one eyebrow while I glared at him. OK. So, that declaration caught my interest.

The rooms were more like prison cells; just enough space for a single bed, a desk and dresser... and nothing more. Unlike normal bedroom situations, the beds on campus were often used just for hanging out and chatting – there wasn’t anywhere else – so I joined him on the bed, still with no sexual inclinations.

He began to massage my hand and yes, it was fucking fantastic. I wasn’t quite feeling my clitoris swelling or anything, but it was definitely sensual. I could tell he was enjoying giving me this pleasure – he loved women, all women. He gave me another smile and while continuing to massage me with one hand, he started to rub himself with his other hand. I didn’t recoil in disgust, so he took that as his queue to take it one step further and he put his hand down his pants and began to masturbate. He wore fairly baggy jeans, so it was easy for him to perform this act without having to undress. I was wearing jogging pants and as I sat on my bed with my legs kiddie-crossed I took my free hand and began to masturbate as well. He released my hand and we both focused on satisfying ourselves, however constantly making eye contact that was deep and intense.

He grabbed my hand again and held it tightly while he climaxed. I was so fucking turned on and I came shortly after. We both moaned really quietly, together, and then we started to giggle.

We never got undressed.
We never saw each others’ bodies.
Apart from the hand massage, we didn't touch each other.
We never even kissed.

It was one of the most unexpected and bizarre yet hottest sexual experiences of my life – and we never spoke of it again after that night.