Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guest Post from Rockin' Mama!

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Waterbed Love

I was a late bloomer across the board growing up. No boobs, ass, or sexual experience. So when it came time to have sex I obviously had no idea what to expect all I had to go was moves from watching Dirty Dancing and the horror stories from my whore bag friends because they were getting it on in middle school while I was always curious I was the last one in the group to “lose it”.

 I started dating this guy freshmen year and even though I ran with whores I didn’t even do hard core sucking face till a year after we were together. It would take another year to pass before I actually went “all the way.”

I knew his parents hated me so when he invited me over I was ify about being in his house while they weren’t home. I did all that I could just to be accepted by them, nothing worked, so I really didn’t have nothing to lose! So I thought.

I walk in and it was straight out of the fucking movies. Trail of rose petals leading down the stairs, into his bedroom, scattered across the WATERBED! Candles lit, and the cheesy fucking music playing. My heart starts to pump out of control; I’m freaking the fuck out. I want to run.

I don’t. I loved this guy and he’s been good to me. Hell he’s the quarterback of the football team! No, I’m not the cheerleader bitch. I’m the “why is he with THAT girl?”

As paranoid as I am, I go with it anyway.

Interesting first time let alone experiencing it on a fucking waterbed. I can’t seem to concentrate on him or the romantic music because right by my head is the water swooshing back and forth….back and forth. The blankets start to creep so now not only do I hear nothing but the water, heavy breathing, my back is now against the cold ass bed. It lasted an entire 3-4min tops. I couldn’t help but think “is that IT?” This is what my friends have been doing for years now! WOW.

Aside from the pain I wasn’t told about the blood!  So what do I do…FREAK! It’s everywhere! The condom looks like it was dipped in cherry pie, the blankets are a mess, and poor ME! I swear I thought I was going to die, and it was his fault.  Of course he asks if I’m okay, but I can see the look on his face that he is pleased with the outcome. Bastard.

Over all “IT” was the best thing to happen to me, after that I was no longer the virgin of the group, I now understood all the jokes. I wasn’t like the rest of my friends either; I actually had a “good” experience according to them. It wasn’t in the backseat of a car.

If I knew it would only take a few minutes out of my life I probably would have had sex sooner, BUT I would have had to trade the experience for a shittier one. No thanks. I will keep the cold waterbed, swooshing water, and bloody aftermath. Best thing to happen to any 16 year old girl right.


  1. Yeahh!!! Love it ;)
    My "cherry" didn't pop; I didn't get the bloody aftermath - but I "waited" until I was almost 17 - I know - surprising for a skank such as myself!

    Waterbed... uuhgggh.

  2. I don't even like laying on waterbeds. I like to move of y own choice not because the bed moves me hahaha. Pretty cool that he tried to make it somewhat special for you, rose petals and all. I was 19 when I got mine popped so I think you bad girls win.

  3. I didn't get the bloody show either. My mom would swear that since I could wear tampons that early I couldn't still be a virgin. I was... then.. Yeah waterbeds are not the be all end all of love making areas.

  4. I have never liked waterbeds unless they had LOTS of baffles. I lost "mine" when I was 17 and there was very little blood. We were both virgins though, so it was kinda cool.

  5. I've been a follower since last week.

  6. HOLY FUCK!! My first time was also on a waterbed, with his mom and uncle in the next room. Then the bastard, aka my oldest kids baby daddy, said we should get on the floor, before his mom figures out what we were doing...It was horrible, but not horrible enough to keep doing it and get pregnant 4 months later. Rock on Mama.

  7. I'm SO glad that wasn't what my first experience was like. I didn't get the whole blood and gore thing but it wasn't exactly the most voluntary situation either.

  8. Uugh to the waterbed. Hate those damn things lol! I'm a follower, love her blog!

  9. I have never and never want to have sex on a waterbed...seems like it would be horrible. My first time I had no bleeding and it was not romantic but it was GREAT! I mean who can say that their first time was incredibly pleasurable!? Might have something to do with waiting until I was 18, being really drunk, and getting it on with an older man. ;)

  10. Fucktard is one of my favorite words ever.

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