Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ten Red Flags

Hey Ladies! After much too long an absence I'm back to grace you with a top ten! I'm constatnly bombarded with women and girls who tell me things their boyfriends have said or done early on that make my insides want to scream, RUN! So I thought I'd compile a list of what I think are the top ten "Red Flags" that a guy just isn't the one.

10. You invite him to a party and he tells you he has to check with his mom.

9. He wants to talk about where the relationship is going before he gets too serious. (i.e. before he kisses you)

8. He tells you how much he makes and asks about your salary on the first date.

7. He calls to tell you what a great time he had last night when you haven't seen him in three or four days.

6. You walk out to go to work and find him asleep in his car in your driveway.

5. He "forgets" his phone every time he goes out with his friends and doesn't call you until the next day.

4. He checks your phone for the time... after reading all your text messages and e-mails.

3. He "forgets" his wallet on your first two dates.

2. He swears that the CDV charge was just a misunderstanding and it was dismissed. The six months in jail was for something completely different.

1. He "surprises" you at work. Only, you never told him where you work...

What are some landmark red flags you've seen?


  1. My own personal experience "red flags":

    * He grabs a generous handfull of your ass on the first ten seconds of the date.

    *You go to a bar and he tells you he'll have a club soda because he's on his ninth step of his Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous program.

  2. He plays World of War Craft. He says you can't ever see his place (cuz he has a wife). He asks if y'all can stay in instead of going out.

  3. How about: Everywhere he takes you he has a "tab".

    Everytime his phone rings while you are with him, he looks at it and shuts it off and shoves it in his pocket.

    He's been on ALL the on-line dating sites......BUT.....just the FREE ones.

  4. He had an old hippie van complete with the mattress in the back.

  5. Catie, can you give me the number for the van guy?

  6. Have never heard of this but i'm sure they are out there.

  7. I've never heard of any of these either...or experienced them.

  8. I've dated a guy like this before...He ALMOST made me swear off men in general! I must have been as high as gas prices when I dated him o.O