Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wicked Wednesday: The First Time

One Crazy Brunette Chick

It's Wicked Wednesday and I want to hear about your embarrassing or scandalous firsts. First time you had sex, first time you broke the law, (first time you broke the law and got caught) whatever story you have to tell! I remember the first time I snuck out of my house thinking that I was a bad-ass until I realized my mom was watching me the whole time. Yeah, way to go D.

Anyway, I figure this could be a fun one! It is what you make it ;)


  1. I never snuck out .. Wait I ran away one time cause I was gonna literally go with the carnival.. seriously..

  2. I sorta snuck out once. My parents were away and I decided to walk up to the mall and left them a note saying one of my friends picked me up just in case they got home before I did. Of course, if nobody's home, I'm not sure if that counts :p

  3. Haha, yeah I was grounded, but I snuck out to see the guy next door. When i climbed back in the window my mom was sitting on the bed. Needless to say my punishment was extended.

  4. There's not really enough to do a whole post on, but basically it was a combo deal. I was smart enough to know that I wanted to lose my virginity on junior prom night. So, I go to the dr. and tell all the appropriate lies to get on the pill (you know...irregular periods, cramps yada yada). Basically everything I'd read that the pill would do. So the doc gives me the hairy eyeball but writes the script for it anyway. You have to remember, this was back in the 70's. It wasn't so easy back then. The doctor calls in the script to the pharmacy. My boyfriend and I go to the bowling alley to wait for it to get filled. I finally call the drug store to ask if it's done, and they say, "Yes, it's being delivered right now". Holy shit, it was a day that they delivered. Needless to say, I wet my pants calling home. My Mom answered and said, "Get your ass home RIGHT NOW young lady". OMG I was in sooooo much trouble. She called me everything but a white girl...LOL AND threw the pills away of course.

    So, I had to lie to the doctor with some lame thing about dropping them in the toilet. He says, "Miss Jones, they are wrapped in foil, you can just fish them out". So I had to ADD to the lie, and say I'd done number 2 in there and didn't want to fish them out. After a big sigh, he agreed to call them in again. Of course I was waiting at the drug store for the script that time. LOL

  5. How about the first time (and thankfully only) I was cited for indecent exposure in a public place. Hormonally wild teenager in the car with my slightly older boyfriend and of course at that age, the number one place to make out in Cali is the BEACH.

    We're in a nicely hidden area, in the passenger seat and my skirt is around my waist with my panties down to my ankles. Bra in that uncomfortable shoulder position and I'm mount him for the ride of the night and suddenly...

    A voice booms over the loud speaker "That's enough, now GET down!" followed by a light as bright as the sun.

    Yep, good old LBPD.

    The kicker? Bastards had the spotlight on the entire time I dressed and climbed back into the driver's seat.

    Caught with my pants down, literally!