Monday, July 11, 2011

True's Angels and Demons

Today we have True from True Pleasures guest posting for us! If you're familiar with her you know she has a few personalities hiding inside of her and today she's telling us about her different sides. Check her out and show her some love!

True Pleasures
Angels and Demons

Many of us have different personalities that we turn on or off around certain people. It’s just another way of keeping the peace. Sometimes, certain personalities are stronger than others, though.

Inside my being, I house an angel and a demon; a succubus, to be exact. These two have always been present, and my knowledge of them goes back as far as I can remember in my childhood.

To most people in real life, and to my husband early on when we were dating, I appear as the typical Goody Two-shoes. My family has no idea about my succubus side, and my husband only found that out the year before we got married. Before that, I was his deliverance from depression, his saving grace. Often times, he’d call me his angel.

As an empath, I care deeply for his feelings and health. I suppose, to others, I would look like June Cleaver. Honestly, nothing makes me happier than making my husband happy. I will always watch over him as his guardian angel. If anything is wrong, expect me to be there in a heartbeat.

Still, I’m a little trouble-maker, or so I’m told. I just like to play and mess around with him. When I try to pull the but-I’m-just-a-little-angel act, he’s quick to remind me of the ceramic pair of horns I have. Why would an angel have horns?

Simple answer: the succubus took over and made me buy them. I’ve been horny ever since I can remember. Why not have something to represent that? Having a soft, warm body in bed next to me that could so easily be taken advantage of just spurs the succubus on further. It doesn’t matter what time it is, if he’s making a blanket tent, it’s an invitation to lick, suck, and pounce him with no other thought than the pursuit of pleasure.

So, what’s it like to have such conflicting personalities? They can easily cancel each other out, but the angel usually wins if there is some sympathy or improper company involved. Otherwise, it’s go time.

And no, I don’t have multiple personality disorder. This is simply an explanation of two very different facets of my personality.