Thursday, July 21, 2011

Talk to Me Thursday with Esme

It's another Talk to Me Thursday! Today we sat down with Esme. You may remember her guest post from last November.

1. What makes you a Bad Girl? 
I try to live without regrets. If I see it and I want it, I go for it. Does that make me a bitch? Probably. Who the fuck cares.

2. What would you say is your theme song? 
A number of songs by P!nk. So What, Raise your glass,U & UR Hand. I have a whole list of her crazt, 'Fuck you, I'm gonna be me' songs. These days I am also digging Bad girlfriend by Theory Of A Dead Man. No one song can describe me.

3. Where is the baddest place you have ever had sex?
I had sex with one of my coworkers in my ambulance, and next door at the police department. I also had sex with my ex on the hood of his parents Camero during a holiday party. I love that thrill of getting caught and/or losing my job over it.

4. What are your top 3 picks for sex positions? 
Does 'yes-please' count as an answer? Me on top, doggie-style, and this one where I am kind of on my side, but kind of on my back - don't know what it's called. I've only had one person do it and it's awesome. 

5. Why did you start blogging? 
I started writing because friends talked me into it. I had people waiting by their phones to hear about my dates... I really seem to find the winners. Look at the crap that happens to me! I feel like writing a book is a lot of stress, and I dont' think that I'm that great of a write. Plus, blogging is immediate satisfaction. I'm all about that.

6. What do you do when you are not blogging?
A bunch of everything. I'm a mom, a great friend, a bartender, a flirter, a daughter, a traveler, a lover of fine things, a sister, a down-home girl, a sports nut, a firefighter/paramedic, a lover and a fighter. So when I'm not blogging, I'm just busy being my fabulous self.

7. Who is your favorite Bad Girl in history? Why?
Mae West, hands down. I know she gets used often as an answer, but she truly was an amazing woman. Who else goes to jail for corrupted morals? I am also a huge fan of Elizabeth Taylr. I loved the way she flipped through men. She seemed to wave them away with a flick of her wrist. She also lived her life without apologies. I admire that.

8. Can you describe a Bad Girl moment you have had? 
Hmm... I have seemed to have a lot the last couple of years. But i think having sex in the police station ranks right up there. It was after hours, and we really needed to get our freak on... we walked (ran) next door (our departments were connected), locked the door and had one of the best quickies of my life. Only after it was over did we look for security cameras... we dodged a damn bullet on that one.

9. Thongs, hipsters or none? 
I love hipsters and boy shorts. Thongs just irritate me. I feel like thongs were made for men. I prefer to wear what I think is sexy.

10. Can you suggest a Bad Girl to us? Why her?
Simmarah over at She isn't afraid to speak her mind, isn't afraid to take chances. Check her out.