Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Ten Ways to Get Rid of the Winter Blues!

Alright so when it took me twenty minutes to de-ice my car this morning, I was really feeling the winter blues. I know some parts of the world may not be dealing with the drastic weather, but its still that time of year when the holidays are over and every gal gets kinda bummed. So here's ten tips to get you back into gear and ready to face the cold and snow head on!

1. Take a bath with TONS of bubbles. Its the cheap way to feel pampered and refreshed- grab your favorite bubble bath, I'm loving the Peppermint Bark scented bath bubbles from Philosophy.

2. Maybe before you hop into your warm bath tub- pick out your fav songs on your ipod to create an ultimate playlist that will help you unwind and de-stress.

3. Set your DVR or Tivo or whatever to record your guilty pleasure show (mine's Jerseylicious! hehe). Grab a fleece blanket (or snuggie), some popcorn and press play!

4. Make it a Venti! Yeah, yeah- I hear everyday that Starbucks is bad for you, but who cares every once in awhile! Order your go-to hot beverage and take a load off whether you like to people watch or skim a magazine, there's nothing like warm coffee in the winter!

5. If you can force yourself- get to the gym and sweat it out! The walk/drive to the gym is a daunting task, but once you hit "Quick-Start" you've one half the battle and after it's over, you feel so accomplished! Get 'em girl!

6. Stop and breathe ladies! So many times when I try to relax, I have a million fucking things on my mind from work that I can't even enjoy the show I'm watching- take several deep breaths in and out, as many as it takes for you to not be thinking about that one last thing you need to change on that work report.

7. Online shopping- no fitting rooms, no over-crowded parking lots, just pure point and click pleasure!

8. Chat with a long lost gal-pal. Stop sending her to voicemail because you don't have enough time- make time, having someone new to vent to can really be liberating. Your pal can give you a fresh take on your everyday probs and it will feel great to catch up too!

9. Go ahead, buy that brand new Cosmo Mag. I know, its over-priced and sometimes you get a repeat article, but those crisp, untouched pages feel amazing when you first crack it open! The bright colors and naughty talk can do wonders for your bad girl spirit!

10. Get your favorite little toy (battery powered, man, chick, whoever)- and get your SEX on! -this one's my favorite ;)

And its back to defrosting my car tomorrow morning! Lata Bad Girls.


  1. I think the breathing thing is the hardest one to remember. But it would also be nice to have someone to brush off and warm up your car too. Happy relaxing!

  2. Jerseylicious is my guilty pleasure too!

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