Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five Things you DON'T need!

I'm not overly inspired today so you get a Top Five instead of a Top Ten. Cry somewhere else.

So I've got these sisters who are overly reliant on gadgets and such that they really don't need. In fact, I'm told that I do things, "the old-fashioned way"...... you mean the way that saves me money because I don't buy things I don't need? Yes, yes I do.

Five things you DON'T need:

5. Dishwasher. Don't stop reading! I don't have one and I want one. They make life soo much easier. But I've watched a sister pout because the dishwasher was running and set a single dish (that wasn't all that dirty) in the sink and walk away. Soap, a sponge or washcloth, and hot water will in fact wash your dishes. There is never a need to leave dishes in the sink when you have company just because the dishwasher is full. Just Sayin'.
4. Bread Maker. People have simply used loaf pans and ovens for years. Much less storage space, same results.
3. Electric Mixing Bowls. Great for Martha and Rachel, but the average kitchen doesn't really need them. Beaters, Whisks and Spoons will get the job done.
2. A Fry Daddy. I was making french fries last summer to go with our burgers and one of my grown sisters asked how I made fries without a fry daddy! A large boiler pot and oil! I really don't understand! Same process, easier cleaning, and you don't need to take up counter space like that!
1. An Iced Tea Maker. I've tried to tell my 14 year old sister before that the best way to brew tea is in a boiler on the stove. Not to mention you already have a pot and a stove. Why do you need another gadget taking up cabinet space?! Besides, you can always use the coffee pot if you don't want to fool with a stove. (You DO need a coffeepot.)


  1. I've had to go the last 3 weeks without a dish washer and I know I'm a spoiled bitch, but I fucking HATED it. Bring it back, baby!

  2. I'm with you bitch! I don't use my dishwasher, and I don't own any if the other shit!!! What I cannot live without is my iPhone, Nook and laptop... I'll kill a bitch before I hand that shit over!

  3. Lady- I've been almost two years without. Love ya, but you'll live ;)

    CB- you notice that such things did not make the list ;) You're coming back to BGB right? Cause seriously, I just can't live up ;)

  4. I am a total gadget junky, I admit it. I have an entire room in the house devoted to storing my kitchen gadgets.

  5. I wash dishes by hand and yes I fucking hate it but is a dishwasher on my wish list when we move into a house FUCK YES! I can't bake or cook so fuck all that other shit. Ha.


  6. Ange- If you have room, go for it! I have a tiny kitchen and no cabinet space, haha.

    Twisted- I hear you loud and clear. I cook about twice a year aside from what must be done to keep us fed!

  7. You can't use the coffee pot to make tea. Yuck! They each leave a taste of coffee/ tea for the next time you use it. (I don't put mine in the dishwasher though). Still, yuck!

  8. @Laura, I know what you mean but if you run half a pot of hot water through it won't do that. If you don't have stove access or if all the eyes are busy it works!

  9. These things always look good advertised...but not so good in our own kitchens.

  10. Yeah, Yeah...I just heard my hubby lecture about the tea maker I just HAD.TO.HAVE!

    I never use it. :)