Friday, February 11, 2011

Where are you, G-Spot?

Ladies ladies! I need your assistance! I keep hearing great things about this ever-elusive G-spot orgasm that is supposedly better than the clit orgasm- but i'm trying and trying to no avail.

I got my new vibrator that has the curved end that rotates and is supposed to hit that spot, but i just feel like Chris Columbus sailing in the dark, i have no clue what i'm waiting for.

I've been keeping my ears open to tips and tricks such as the g-sport needs constant attention and pressure for it to reach its peak. So i hope this orgasm is worth it because i am desperatly seeking it.

And of course there is some stat about only a small percent of women can get the g-spot to orgasm, but i feel like if its there then theres got to be a way to get it going.

So questions bad girls: HOW the heck do i get the G to go?

IS it that much Different than the Clit?

What's a bad girl gotta do to get some G-Spot Lovin??


  1. The G can "go" many different ways. I have only had two, yes two, gspot orgasms in my life. And one of them was gifted by a sex educator that I was dating at the time. It kinda feels like you have to pee, but radiates an intense vibration that you can't quite put your finger on. It feels like your whole lower body is orgasming as opposed to a central located area (the clit).
    I think that you can also achieve this with a curvy (up) penis man when you do it doggie style. Good luck!

  2. OMG! I had that happen to me in the past ONCE BY ACCIDENT!!!!!! I've been trying to get it done ever since! It was the most amazing feeling in the world (and hella messy) You know you're THERE if you think you're gonna piss on yourself...IT'S NOT PEE..ITS THE "GOOD STUFF"! If you feel that Piss like tingle...DON'T HOLD BACK! Just relax or you'll mess it up! I keep getting closer and closer with my current BF..DAMMIT I CAN'T WAIT TO MESS UP HIS SHEETS!

  3. OK first you have to know where th G spot is.. and that require your own learning of your body.. it is usually behind the first bone in the vaginal lining and up.. the closer you get the bigger it will grow kind of like an erection for a man. Once YOU learn where it is you can guide your man by simple shifts in your hips to the perfect spot.

  4. I recently found mine it was lost for 10 years!

  5. Those orgasms are intense. The only draw back is I am a "squirter" and I get a little embarrassed by the amount of stuff that comes flying out of my twat when I have them.

  6. I have never had a "squirting" experience until a couple of months ago. I have had or so g-spot orgasms since that first time (where I really did think I had peed the bed). It's messy but MY GOD is it worth it. I find that my best chance of having one is to have oral or clitoral orgasms prior to penetration (adding to my natural lubrication) and then hard deep thrusting aimed upward. Pillows under the hips or doggy style works best for me. Now I keep towels under me because it's INTENSE. It is unlike any orgasm I have ever had and well worth searching for. It's a whole body orgasm unlike anything and very addicting. You have be relaxed and let it happen. Don't fight the urge to just totally let go or you'll miss it.

  7. Most G-Spots are about 1 knuckle in. Put a finger or two in and make the 'come here' movement with your fingers. I soak the sheets everytime The Man and I have sex. It's GREAT! Much different then a normal orgasm.

  8. Wow, I don't know what everyone is talking about, but I think I definitely need to figure it out! Sad that at 33 I haven't experienced this yet...