Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Bad Girl Anthem

Nicole Scherzinger, best known for her stint with the Pussycat Dolls is back out on her own again. She is sticking with the currently pop style of techno beats and loud vocals with her latest track, Poisen. When I first hit play, i was like, "hell yeah, get it girl!" and as the song wore on, my initial enthusiasm slowly died down.

I mean, it's okay. decent beat, good dance tune. And i do hate when people start shit about copycat videos and/or styles within in Hollywood- but standing in the jail line-up, I feel like we've been there before... a lot!

So what do we think ladies? Has Nicole fist-pumped her way into the bad girl crowd or does she fall short? Here's the video:


  1. i honestly think she falls short .. she can play the part but i dont think she got what it takes to be a badgirl

  2. I have to agree with EnVii...I'm just not feeling it. Badass on a motorcycle---overplayed. Jail line-up definately overplayed. The black and white outfits totally overplayed. It's so/so at best.

    Frankly I'm not even enjoying the song.

  3. Well, this song doesn't totally make me wanna jam a used dildo in my eye so I guess it'll grow on me! I'm a huge eye-whore and I'm easy so the video makes me wanna give her a shot!

  4. Not impressed, think she can do better. Didn't have me moving at all. I think she's gorgeous, but needs more bad ass-ness!!!


  5. She is absolutely beautiful but I don't think she really quite cuts it as a badass! I have to be honest, I'm not keen on the song either.
    I have posted another erotica story on my blog ladies if anyone wants a read it's

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