Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Silver Lining

So, I was more or less out of commission last week. I had a flu and I was on my ass all week long! I'm finally back in the game this week and I forgot all about Top Ten Tuesday!! So I decided to find the Top Five (I know, I'm a slacker) silver linings on all these illnesses flying around.

5. Forgot that work assignment? You were sick *sniffle, sniffle* "I'm so sorry, I was so sick I forgot all about it!" --get that sympathy while you can!

4. Stay up too late? Party too hard? Must've had a relapse. Call in "sick". They'll believe you.

3. Don't want to go visit your friend with the particularly bratty kid? You've been sick, and you'd hate to get that precious little angel sick for her to have to deal with.

2. Have a craving? You know, you're stomach is still pretty sensitive and it's really all you can stomach right now. (O'Charley's Soup!)

1. Don't want to drive across town to your boyfriend's house? It's ok, you're sick, he'll come to you. And do you need anything while he's on his way? (Cosmo, Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Diet Coke please!)

When have you stretched the sympathy on being sick? Take an extra day off? Let your hubby clean the house for another week? Made you're kids refill your drink while you laid on the couch? Tell me about it!