Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bad Girl Christmas

Instead of Top Ten Tuesday this week, I wanted to do a Bad Girl Christmas link-up. I'd love to see your Christmas Top Tens! Maybe it's your favorite Christmas songs, movies, traditions, memories, whatever it may be. If you only want to do a Top Five, or Top Three, that's cool too! I just want a chance for us to see each other's Christmas favorites! So post yours and link-up for a Bad Girl Christmas!


Linky will close at midnight on 12/25


  1. I've got a couple of christmas favourites already on my blog but i've used your button on them now too.

  2. I hate Christmas.. but I left you damn card at the castle... go read it.. and just pretend I sobered up and played this top ten christmas lays.. thingy.. K?

  3. Finally got my done - have a great Christmas ladies :)

  4. I fucked up the linky thing. HA! I swear, I'm not drunk. So either someone delete it or I'll go down in history for my messed up linky. HA! what a way to introduce myself to the bad girl bloggers. :eyeroll: