Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cinful Cinnamon's Swinging Lifestyle

We have another fantastic Guest Blogger hanging out with the Bad Girl's today! Check out Cinful Cinnamon!

     I have really enjoyed reading the blogs of the Bad Girl Bloggers.  They are all MUCH younger than me, but I do enjoy their writings and attitudes.  I've asked them if I could guest post for them, and have been graciously been given permission.  Ok, now that the niceties have been taken care of, let's get down to the DIRT.

     I've been a Lifestyler (or Swinger if you prefer) for almost 15 years.  In that time, I have had countless experiences with other singles and couples.  Some fan-fucking-tastic, and others that sucked in ways that are neither pleasant or rewarding.  How I happened to stumble upon swinging in itself is a decent story. 

     The first time that I heard anything about Swinging was LONG after I had gotten out of the service.  Until then, I had no clue that what I was doing with other couples even had a name.  One night, I happened to be a a co-workers house, the drinks were flowing, we were playing strip poker.  And before I knew what had happened, I was face planted in the wife's pussy and was getting rammed from behind by the guy that I worked with.  That relationship went on for some months; until I realized that this couple was taking up all my extra time.  I didn't even have time to date and find my own man because each of them were calling me to meet them; together and separately all the time.  I was fortunate in the fact that I got orders and was sent to another country. Gawd only knows how else I would have gotten out of that relationship without hurting or having feelings hurt.  I thought it was a one time thing, did the rest of my time in the Air Force, got out, married and had my son.  And life moved on. 
     After I had been divorced for a few years, and lived as a lesbian for a while, I began to miss cock.  The woman that I was living with at the time and I broke up and I had an itch that just wasn't being scratched in the right way.  About this time, I'd been on the computer kinda “looking” around and somehow found a site about “wife swapping”. The picture above of the bowl of keys is what swinging used to be called.  Key Parties.  People would meet at others home and put their keys in a bowl.  At the end of the night one at a time, people would draw out the keys of someone they didn't know, and that's who they would “swap” spouses with.. My fucking head almost exploded.  I couldn't believe that people had been doing this stuff right under my nose!  Or maybe I was upset that I really hadn't invented it. Either way, I sat and read about this swinging thing until my ass got numb; which if you've seen my ass, you'd know would take some time. I also found out that there were clubs that catered to people that did this swinging thing.  I quickly found out where the closet club was, and planned a trip.

     After looking at pictures of the club, and seeing what the people wore or didn't wear there, I bought an outfit that was sexy and drove to the club.  I took my own wine and looked forward to getting into the “scene”.  It didn't take long to figure out some very important details.  Single women were rare and sought after by EVERYONE.  Bisexual, single females such as myself, were treated like gold.  They were so rare, that some referred to us as Unicorns.  I thought I had died and gone to Fucking Paradise. 

     There were many things to learn about this new lifestyle that I had chosen.  And I learn something new everyday.  But if you are polite, and get all the BONUS COCK AND PUSSY that you can handle. 


  1. This is me being jealous as hell.. I would never be brave enough to go to a club.. nor pretty enough I don't think...

  2. I'm a single gal who is straight but has been invited to clubs like this by a friend who is married but who swings with her husband. I have turned down the invitations, to date, but who knows what the future holds. So glad that you have found a lifestyle that works for you and keeps you happy and sexually fulfilled.

  3. Yeah! That's awesome!
    Great post ;)

  4. Thank you all. I am honored to be among you ladies.

  5. Awesome post :)

  6. Wowza....good to know! I am single...and have thought of investigating a freer style. Just not sure how well it would be received. Sounds like VERY well! Thanks for the read! A. :)

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